Low Tox Legend: Irene Falcone, Founder of Nourishedlife.com.au

Knowing my products as well as I do due to being a complete detective geek, i see a few loopholes every now and then, in the world of selling ‘natural’ alternatives. It is very hard to find retailers that you can 100% trust.

Enter Irene Falcone, creator of Nourished Life, from Sydney. Irene, in a very beautiful way, is the bull in the china shop of the high tox world. She blasts through lies. She tells it like it is, based on extensive and obsessive research. She makes absolutely sure that every single one of her products in the Nourished Life shop is 100% safe for us. I just love her tenacity and integrity and I wanted to share that and her story, with you. This is a woman with kiddies, a big important day job and then dedicates herself until the wee hours of the morning at night, to building her little on line shopping safe haven and blog. We caught up for a coffee recently, and here is what she had to say about her story…

1. What inspired you to go Toxic Free? Was there an Aha moment?

I think the Aha moment for me was really the morning I was walking up the stairs to get to my work and by the 3rd of 4th step I just had to sit down, my legs were just so heavy I couldn’t move them. In my heart they just felt overloaded with a build up of toxins. When I got home that evening I started looking into what I was putting in and on my body and it all just hit me like a tonne of bricks! Bang!!! Almost every product in my home was loaded with toxins. All of my prestige beauty products were a cocktail of petrochemicals & parabens! Even my favorite biscuit had a bunch of artificial colours in them that are actually banned in Europe. I don’t know why, but before that day I never thought about reading the label. That day I threw everything out and decided to start over.

2. Something people are scared of, when embarking on the low tox journey is ‘where do I start’. What’s your  no 1 tip for adopting a lower tox lifestyle?

Well that is really why I started my blog and then shop, because it was so overwhelming, it was actually like a full time job just figuring out what skin care and beauty products to replace the old ones. So many companies were marketed as being natural, organic and eco-friendly, some even promoted breast cancer awareness but they all still contained petrochemicals and parabens (the very things linked to breast cancer!!). Once I found and started using natural and organic alternatives I really started to feel better, almost instantly. I started my blog so I could record my journey and share these amazing natural discoveries with others wanting to start living less toxic lives.

3. You have little kiddies who I’m sure pester you for treats? Have a tip for other parents on how you navigate the aisles?

I find the easiest way to start is to avoid a simple list and don’t buy anything with these in. Here is a list i put together which I believe is a great starting point. http://www.nourishedlife.com.au/article/4510/top-most-toxic-everyday-food-additives.html Also it’s important to make food fun for kids, it’s really easy to make home made chicken nuggets with organic or free range chicken, organic eggs and breadcrumbs made from day old organic bread. It really isn’t more expensive than convention food if you plan ahead.

4. What are your top 3 toxic free products from your shop?

1. ECO TAN Winter Skin for toxic free tanning (this is actually Certified Organic)

2. The Native Union Moshi Moshi POP handset to cut out mobile phone radiation to our ears and head

3. The Cosima range of skin care – its a true cosmeceutical and anti aging range that is 100% Australian, 100% Natural and certified organic!


5. What’s something you cringe at having used, eaten or worn once upon a time, now that you’re a low tox queen?

The thousands of dollars I spent at the David Jones beauty counters on prestige lipsticks and skin care full of chemicals and parabens.

6. Your favourite beauty tip for those wanting to ditch the chemical cosmetic fest?

Ignore what the front of the box says and read the back, check the ingredients against the EGW Skin Deep database and avoid products ranking in the orange and red zones.

Low Tox Life. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet

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