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I’ve been away since last Tuesday first in LA, then Pennsylvania and now New York. It’s been a mix of working hard on a US project, a conference and catching up with friends and family based over here for a little down time in between. If you’ve been on the blog a while now, you’ll know my extensive Low Tox travel tips post – definitely one to file away for a pre-trip read in the future!

This time though, I thought I’d share what some of my favourite travel products have been this past year. I never get puffy legs any more. I never have dry skin after a long haul flight or look harrowed. I experience very little jet lag and travelling is more or less a joy – there’s no wifi up there so it’s movies and writing, no distractions and I just love that, do you?

I will add that I limit myself to 2 alcoholic beverages in the 24 hour period of a big long haul flight. More than that and you have liver sluggishness, possible sinus issues and dehydration and you don’t need anything to make flying more exhausting. Water, water, water.

So here in no particular order is my list of my current favourite low tox travel loves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  1. Weleda Arnica pills – A homeopathic remedy that no French family would be without. It’s almost like a chorus when someone bumps themselves “Va chercher l’arnica!!” – go find the arnica. Arnica supports and relieves inflammation, bumps, bruises and swelling – be gone swollen ankles, be gone! I haven’t suffered them in years and I used to even wear compression socks and still come out with cankles after 13 hours. I also do a few squats in the little back corridor every 2-3 hours to get blood flow happening quick smart. You could also get the Arnica cream and give yourself an ankle and foot rub every 3-4 hours in the plane too! Both are great, just depends which you fancy more.
  2. Olive leaf extract – A powerful antioxidant and immune booster, Olive Leaf extract is traditionally used in Western herbal Medicine as a natural immune booster. I absolutely love taking it as a quality assurance and I think it actually somehow helps with jetlag because the past 2 international trips I’ve used it, and I’ve hardly had it. My friend Mel has cited a similar story recently too!
  3. Magnesium Spray or roll on – I like the roll on because it’s under 100ml and great for international travel. Magnesium deficiency is rife and if you have a dodgy tummy, sometimes it won’t be well absorbed, so transdermal (through the skin) is where it’s at. A spray on pressure points – wrists, back of neck, back of knees, is where you’ll get the fastest uptake. It relaxes and energises at the same time, so it really helps with the ‘scatty feelings’ vibe of travelling and settling in.
  4. W3ll People Mascara – For someone who doesn’t wear much make up at all, to give you an idea about my passion for my mascara wearing at all times – I wore mascara applied at 5am with contractions 3 minutes apart and excruciating pain to the hospital in labour. I never skip a day unless it’s a beach holiday. It’s my thing! So, after being a Definicils devotee for a good 20 years, 5 years ago I started venturing into the natural ones. The gloopy, quick clumping natural ones. The panda eyes natural ones. I tried them all and W3ll People is where it’s at. It’s expensive but it’s less expensive than a prestige brand, still and the best part? You get to skip out on the coal tar and hormone disrupting chemicals. No thanks… tryin’ to cut down! 😉
  5. Organic Australian Rosehip oil roll on by Rosehip Plus- Rosehip oil is a brilliant oil and as a little carry on roll on it’s a dream travel product. 15ml well under international rules for 100ml and a little roll here and there around the eyes and on the lips keeps you from looking hagged at the end of the flight I swear it. Everyone should have one of these in your purse basically. At this tiny $12.95 price for a beautiful organic product there is zero excuse.
  6. Weleda Skin Food – This thick and unctuous cream is 90 years old and still going very strong. It is a god send for many a reason and many a people I’ve introduced it to. There’s no dry skin it can’t sort out. It’s healing, restorative, shielding. It does it all, and with a 30ml travel size for travels, it’s a little pocket rocket of awesome that I would never travel without. Weird dry knees (why do I get dry knees on the plane!? I mean, knees? Random)
  7. Black Chicken hydrating face mist – So many face mists are too drying whereas this is moisturising, refreshing AND complexion brightening all in one because of the delicate balance of oils in the mix.
  8. Mini Dr Bronner soap bottle – that does everything from hand wash to dress spot treatment to dishes and cups in hotel, to shower gel to hand soap… Just so handy and just $12.95 and one ‘cleanser’ to carry for all those things instead of !
  9. My favourite travel essential oils. Vetiver (calming nerves on plane), Rosemary (work focus when time is limited at the computer), Peppermint (energy pick me up), Frankincense (skin support with a drop in moisturiser), Digize (after meals a drop on the tummy, so good!) and the Tranquil roll on (I roll it on my bed pillow) are my favourite travel oils if I have to whittle things right down. You can use whatever you fancy by way of oils, and I’m certainly not going to start mentioning oils every 3 seconds to you, but seeing as we’re on topic, I use the Young Living range because of their seed to seal assurance and commitment to owning many of their farms, farming biodynamically and distilling in house rather than buying oils on the open market and whacking a pretty label on them. I’m a sucker for romance and nerdiness and they deliver in spades on both the brand story and the science front so voila… if you fancy getting a wholesale account I’ve popped all the details HERE. 
  10. Dr Bronner Lavender hand sanitiser. I don’t use weird soaps without ingredient lists and with weird smells in hotels, airports, restaurants. I squirt my hand sanitiser and rinse with water. It’s super gentle on hands and missing all the weird stuff of many hand sanitisers like Triclosan or petroleum based ingredients. Job done. Au naturel!


And I made one of those collages like you see in the magazines – Cute, right? And I forgot Black Chicken Remedies’ toner picture in there and now I’m sad. Woopsie.

So enjoy exploring those items if you want to have a bit of a travel collection going. To be sure this isn’t my complete list as it’s missing deodorant, the one I use is THIS ONE and a few other bits, but as the 10 staples I’ve been working with this past couple of international flights, I thought I’d share as they’re really working for me and leaving me feeling little to no jet lag!

Oh and get yourself a good eye mask – a bit of trial and error there because everyone’s heads are different and different ones will fit different ways. BUT, suffice it to say, you need one for travel. I stay with friends in living rooms where there are no shades, or I need a nap and to block out daylight for a bit, or I want the surrounds of the airplane to be shut out… An eye mask is a brilliant thing to get used to to assist with sleep. I wear mine at home when I sleep too.

Ok, definitely done now!

Low Tox. Happy People. Happy Planet

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this post or site is to be treated as medical advice. Please discuss any changes to medication or additional supplements with your practitioner or a naturopath to be sure it’s right for you. Sometimes I will use affiliate links. This means a small portion of any sales through my site to the affiliate site, give me a small commission. Rest assured I am the strictest lady around when it comes to saying I like a product. I have always bought them myself and always tried them for a couple of weeks at least to be absolutely sure of my recommendations. I want the best for you.


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      you’re welcome Mel – I was intrigued to see it come up again for travel with you. It really is a great addition to the arsenal isn’t it!? Here’s to a speedy trip factor for you soon x

    2. Interesting post, Alexx – thanks! And, I just nipped over to read your story Mel. I cannot believe I didn’t know this about Olive Leaf extract. I take it but only when I have the niggle of a cold and am always amazed that the cold takes a hike immediately – it’s when I don’t take it that the cold sets in. But the fact that it may help jetlag – well, I wish I’d know before my recent trip. My husband, baby son and I were absolutely smashed by jetlag for a week after getting home from Europe (even with a 1-night stopover in Singapore).
      I’ll definitely be trying it next time we travel!

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  1. Great post Alexx! I have been researching olive leaf extract lately and was thrilled to see it in your post. I used to take the one pictured once a day years ago but it somehow left my routine between kids. Do you take it once only or multiple times? I have read some people take three shots.

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  2. Oh I love your travel posts. I shared (after your session at The Grounds) about the Lavender Organic hand sanitizer – and now I’ll be sharing this amazing list! Some super workers there! And anything that can help with jetlag – magic!! Loving your travel updates!

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      SO glad you love them Leanne – Sad and happy all at once to be headed home tomorrow but the love from the little guy far outweighs anything that beautiful NYC has to offer I’m afraid – by a long shot! Hope you’re well x

  3. I got the rosehip rollon in a nourished life monthly box – and I honestly could not work out what it was for. It did not come with instructions and I actually read it as SHIN BOOST for the first month – and I wonder why my shins needed boosting….I eventually worked out it was skin boost – ba ha ha – but still was unclear where to use it LOL – thanks for the guidance. I bought clarity oil from you ages ago and love it 🙂

  4. Heather! Yes I remember. Clarity is awesome isn’t it? Glad you’re enjoying it. Too funny re rose hip. Now you know. I kind of roll a whole bunch Ito my hands and then rub onto face x

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  6. Hello Alexx!

    I’m about to purchase some weleda arnica tablets for my forthcoming flight, I was wondering how often you take them? Do you take them in the lead up up to the flight as well?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Lois. I take one before take off, then double up on them mid flight – so 1 an hour for 3 hours and then take another 2-3 spaced by an hour after landing that day.

      Happy travels x

  7. Hey Alexx,
    Do you have a reccomendation for a low tox skin brands? Preferably Moisturiser and face wash? Love your book have just made my own multipurpose spray and coffee body scrub whoop whoop

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