Low Tox Legend: Aimee Marks, founder of TOM Organic

I was recently invited to an incredibly inspiring conference for women in business, by CBA’s Women in Focus network. We were treated to the stories of Australia and New Zealand’s finest entrepreneurs and female business minds. The most powerful thing that came from the conference for me, was meeting so many people with their head and heart aligned – something I am striving to achieve myself, and a huge part of why I started this blog. This post is to highlight an entrepreneur and all round gorgeous chick, Aimee Marks, who was also an invitée. She’s a woman on a mission to make sure that the 12,000 or so tampons and pads that women use in their lifetimes, are organic, synthetic free, chemical free, dye free *and* affordable – One helluva mission, and she’s off to a flying start! Here is a little interview on Aimee  Marks, my Low Tox Legend on show this week. Enjoy & ladies, we have a special offer from TOM, so make sure you go right to the bottom & use your unique shopping code!

What was the catalyst to create TOM?

I was at school! I have always been passionate about design & problem solving, and was designing a new tampon packaging concept as a part of my year 12 design project at school. It wasn’t until I began reading lists of ingredients on the back of conventional tampon packs that I was frustrated with what I thought was a pure / cotton product. When I read things like polypropylene, viscose rayon, synthetics and researched that conventional cotton is the worlds most heavily sprayed crop sprayed with over 25% of the worlds total insecticides – this was the catalyst for creating TOM. I went on to study a bachelor of business entrepreneurship degree, as an incubated environment to research my business idea. It has been over 8 years since I was first inspired to create a new choice in this feminine hygiene category; I am now living and breathing all things organic – TOM was the trigger point in my own life to make better choices for the products I was putting in and on my body.

2. What will help women see how different TOM is from the conventional offerings?

One of the big trigger points is the demo. This simulates what actually happens inside our bodies. So, if you put an organic tampon in water and a conventional tampon in water – within seconds you’ll see fibres floating off the conventional tampon; Why? Because they are made from a blend of synthetics and chemical ingredients that have been so heavily processed – they do not intertwine as strong fibres should – they are all held together with a polypropylene outer wrap. The TOM tampon stays perfectly in tact – and is Australian Certified Organic which means no chemicals guaranteed. Tampons should not come with a compromise – for us, nor the planet!

3. Something people are scared of, when embarking on the low tox journey is ‘where do I start’. What’s your  no 1 tip for adopting a lower tox lifestyle? Read the ingredients, not just on food, beauty as well!  If you don’t recognise the ingredients on the back, don’t buy it. If your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it, don’t eat it.

4. What’s something you cringe at having used, eaten or worn once upon a time, now that you’re a low tox queen?

Pesticide sprayed fruit & veg, chemical laden lipsticks and regular nail polish.

5. 3 beauty products to take to a dessert Island: What are they? No one ever chooses tampons – but imagine being on a deserted island without them! natural sunscreen, organic lipbalm and TOM.

6. Do you have a big Hairy Audacious Goal? To take TOM to women who do not currently have access to feminine hygiene products; in a global / rural sense.

7. What do you face as a challenge in getting the word out and how can we all best help you? Education. Changing that buying habit of always selecting the cheapest, brightest thing off the shelf. Tampons / pads are typically a grudge purchase. It is something that we don’t often stop to think about – you can best help by sharing TOM with your closes girlfriends, Mums and daughters. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give. A chemical free life.

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