Natural Whipped Body Butter

Natural whipped body butter. It’s as awesome as it sounds. I haven’t used a store bought body moisturiser for a good few years now. Hideously over priced, pthalates which disrupt our hormones hiding in the ‘fragrance’ ingredient, parabens, phenoxyethanol, unsustainable sulphates, petroleum based ingredients. I mean seriously.

It’s a beautiful day when you stop listening to the marketing and start looking at the facts tweet-this

While there are some gorgeous toxic free body moisturisers out there, I do love me a bit of DIY, if it’s easy and the product performs and this one really is and does!

It came about because I was sick of my coconut oil  and cocoa butter situation in the winter time being hard as a rock and having to take into shower to soften it – which I invariably always forget, even though I came up with the idea… I needed something new. I also wanted to add subtle fragrance to my moisturiser and a couple of extra benefits, so I got to thinking and the whip was born.


What’s in it?

Coconut oil

It’s an amazing anti fungal, anti bacterial, immune building, cellulite minimising, wrinkle diminishing, skin healing, protective… So much anecdotal evidence that shows coconut oil is also good for treating and healing dermatitis, eczema and even lice!

Cacao butter

Containing Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, it is a fabulous moisturiser great for stretch mark prevention and treatment as well as eczema and dermatitis. It’s also an all round wonderful barrier cream in harsh environmental conditions.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium is deficient in modern diets – especially due to the change in soil with modern produce growing and synthetic fertilisers. Our soil used to have buckets of it. Now? Not so much, except of course for organic soil. Magnesium is required by over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and essential to supplement in some way for a whole range of benefits. Over doing it can cause skin irritation, so stick to the recipe for the right proportion.

Macadamia oil

A wonderful binder of all of the above and deliciously moisturising, healthy oil. Nuts are sprayed very highly with pesticide if non organic, so I’d definitely go for a chemical free, organic macadamia oil when shopping around.

Essential oils of your choice

I love Young Living Essential Oils. Feel free of course to use what works for you. 10 drops per jar is all that’s needed, as again, too much essential oil on the skin can cause irritation. What’s great about this is you can do as I did, and make a full ‘base’ batch and then as you pour into individual jars, you can pour a few drops of essential oil in at the same time. This way, you can have a different whipped body butter for whatever your mood. For babies, use only 2-3 drops  as their skin is much more sensitive than adults. Make sure also that the oils you’re using are safe for them and for your nursing, if that’s the stage you’re at. There is a great list of essential oils safe for children and babies here.


What you need

200g coconut oil (love the coconut magic from Nourished life)

100g pure cocoa butter or shea butter 

30ml macadamia oil (can use avocado oil, jojoba or olive oil if allergic/ prefer)

15ml magnesium oil spray  or a tablespoon of magnesium chloride flakes + 20 ml water (click on the hyperlinks for stockists. it’s not an essential ingredient, but really adds to the therapeutic benefit of the recipe)

10 drops of essential oil per 85ml jar (more if you’re making a bigger jar)


What to do

Thermomix method: Place all ingredients in thermomix on 37C, speed 2 for 4 minutes, so the mix has softened together. Then whiz on 7 for 30 seconds.

You’re done and ready to pour into your jars. You MUST pour straight into your jars and put jars straight into the freezer. In warmer weather (this recipe was created in winter), to create the whipped effect, blitz for 30 seconds, and if you want to use the butterfly attachment, this will be great for added insurance of ‘whippage’.

Regular method: Place all in a sauce pan to soften for 5 minutes on low. Then pour into your blender / blitzing device and blend on high for 10 seconds – 30 seconds in the summer to aerate better. You’re done and ready to pour into your jars. You MUST pour directly into jars and then straight into freezer for the whipped consistency.

Now assemble your jars, and essential oils. I made 4 different types and as I poured the base mixture, with the other hand I poured in the drops of essential oil. If you’re not confident doing that, just fill your jar with the base mixture and then measure in your drops and give a quick stir to combine.

Rosemary for circulation and muscle relaxing.

Lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus for anti bug, stimulation & cooling leg moisturiser in one.

A calming, restorative blend.

A personal effectiveness / focus blend.

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I am LOVING having a selection, based on whatever mood hits.

Once your jars are filled, pop straight into the freezer for 5-10 minutes and in that time, take out and give a quick upside down and back up again turn to ensure all the essential oils mix into the whole whip. The texture is great in cool ambient temperature (winter here is 15-18C on average) If it’s summer time, you might prefer to take from the freezer and keep in the fridge to keep the light, whipped texture, as the heat melts it to a thick liquid – just like butter that’s been left out on a hot day. Up to you.

It’s a whip texture to scoop from jar, that melts as you rub it into your hands and skin. If you want a delicious bath, why not pop a big tablespoonful into your bath for moisturising and relaxation alike, with a few extra drops of essential oil.

For the ultimate experience, make my coffee body scrub and use prior to shower, then shower and apply this moisturiser. Not a weirdo chemical in sight and nothing but gloriously soft skin!

Where did I get those cute jars? Ebay, of course! Have yourself a little search in there for a style you love.

How much did it all cost? If you look at the per jar cost, it is about $3 per 85ml jar.

Let me know how you go with these and what concoctions you create.

Real food. Happy bodies.

Alexx xx






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  1. I made this…kinda like yours…today. I remembered I had cocoa butter in the pantry so I thought I would give it a try..just missing the magnesium bits as I didn’t have any. I also realised that I had used up the last few drops of my rosemary oil and so I just picked a small sprig of new growth from my rosemary in the garden, took the leaves off and just whizzed them up with the mix. It turned out to be a beautiful avocado colour with a great fresh smell. Thinking edible flower petals might make for interesting colourings.

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      Jojoba would be perfect. As long as it’s a healthy, pure cold pressed oil that doesn’t go solid when it’s cold weather. Let me know how you go Leonie!

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      Iwa – yay. I’ve got a peppermint and rosemary combo going at the moment – I almost want to mix it into chocolate! lol x

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  2. Thanks for this very timely. I made a body butter yesterday so I could get magnesium oil into the kids without the sting. It has worked but didn’t have the macadamia oil or the essential oils so I will try you recipe for the next one. I am sure my son is going to try and eat it as he can smell chocolate from the cacao butter. It is truely divine and a great way to get magnesium into our bodys. I played volleyball last night (I have lyme and fatigue easily) but I had so much energy all through the game I am sure the magnesium did this 🙂

  3. Hi Alexx. I love the sound of this, so tried making it but it didn’t “whip”. It certainly didn’t have the beautiful white colours as yours does, nor the consistency (I used my thermomix). The only thing I can think of is that because the cacao butter was hard, it didn’t whip. Had you softened/melted your cacao butter first? Would love to make this for Christmas gifts so would love to give it another go!

    1. Hey Courtney, sounds like mine did the same as yours… so i tried melting it back down at 37C in the thermo, letting it sit til room temp then whipping it with the butterfly on speed 3.5 for a minute. Then pour STRAIGHT into jars and put STRAIGHT into freezer. After 10 mins i put them in the fridge for the night. So far so good. The colour and consistency is better. Hope that helps… By the way, i found a lovely oil with orange, frankincense, pine and myrrh called ‘peace and serenity’- very Christmasy i thought!

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        What a divine Chrissy ‘mix’!! Lucky friends. Pouring straight into jars and straight into freezer are definitely key and I will update instructions to emphasise that. Awesome of you to chime in and offer the solution. Check out my comment too on the warmer weather, which I think is at play here. Have a beautiful chrissy and hope your friends love your home made treats x

      2. Belated thanks for your help, Erin. I haven’t tried making it again as the weather has been too warm! Will definitely give it another go when things cool down!

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      Hi Courtney – Check out Erin’s solution. Love it. I’d say it’s because I created this recipe in a cold time of year, where the ingredients stayed aerated as they chilled, where the density change in warmer weather would mean more aeration is needed. Keep in mind if giving these for christmas pressies, they won’t stay whipped in transition unless you go straight to person’s place and they get popped in the fridge. Mine are the consistency of melted butter at the moment if I keep out of fridge, but to be honest, am loving that too. I did soften the cacao butter. I’ll check back on my explanation and make sure it’s clearer. Thanks for leaving a comment. These sorts of comments, make me write clearer, more precise recipe instructions and it’s super helpful 🙂

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          Great. April / May and you’ll be in business. If you make again before then, just enjoy the luscious body oil vibes instead 😉

    3. Hi Alexx, I had the same experience as Courtney. I used my Thermomix, and taking note from Courtney, ground down the chunks of cacao butter and then followed your instructions with correct amounts as stated in your post. My final product was the colour of the cacao butter and didn’t whip at all – just blended liquid oil. I did let it cool in the fridge and tried to whip again – no luck. I popped it into individual jars with essential oils, popped into the freezer for 5 min and then set outside (cooler in Melbourne today). It started to solidify and then I got my bamix and tried to whip again in the jar. It is now a very pale yellow thicker creamier colour and texture. Smells and feels nice on the skin – but definitely no whip aerated texture. Can you please advise? I was planning to make these as Xmas gifts and would like to have them looking like yours! Many thanks, Louise

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        Hi Louise, If you saw my replied I offered a couple of solutions as did another lady 🙂 I believe it might be a hotter weather issue with them just not whipping. Am going to give it a try myself tonight and see if that’s the case and get back to you! So sorry you’re experiencing this. Alexx.

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  4. Alexx can you use magnesium flakes? I have a thermomix… If so how much please? Im trying to buy all ingredients from Nourished Life but struggling…

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      yes you could – I would melt them in a little coconut oil before incorporating and do for this batch size, about 1 tbsp. Great idea x

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