10 Things You Can Use Your Weleda Skin Food For

We thought with Weleda being the podcast show supporter this month, giving you 15% off the range with the code LOWTOXLIFE to help with your low tox swaps, that it’d be worth featuring this absolute GEM of a cult product.

Here’s an interesting stat to wrap your head around….  Weleda’s Skin Food has stood the test of time with a tube of the 94-year old moisturiser now selling every 16 seconds! Pretty impressive, right?! So why do we collectively put so much trust into this company and this awesome product…? 

Weleda has a reputation for being highly ethical, organic and a natural brand with deep roots (90+ years worth!). The founder Rudolf Steiner was the forefather of biodynamic farming and viewed the human body, mind and spirit holistically. In other words, they’re a really GREAT company doing brilliant things for their customers and the planet. In fact, Weleda is only 1 of 2 brands worldwide to be certified with the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT) ‘Sourcing with Respect’ logo, acknowledging our commitment to sourcing with respect for people and the environment. Well done! 

Skin Food is an organic, all-natural product much loved by many who switch to natural skincare when doing my Go Low Tox eCourse. It’s just such a darn good all-rounder. Often people buy it because it’s a nourishing, rich moisturiser and patches up any skin issues quick smart, but did you know that a single tube of Skin Food can be used many, many ways? It’s such a great investment in your skin and the perfect go-to product to leave in your bag for when you need it. Given Weleda are such loyal and long-standing podcast sponsors, I wanted to share the ways I use Skin Food – not all at once, but have definitely been known to! 

10 Ways to Use Skin Food

Public Service Announcement: Given the shortage of Hand sanitisers, I wanted to preface this blog with another wonderful product range from Weleda – their citrus spray deodorant which is 65% alcohol and a perfect substitute right now, so make the most of that too!

And now for the 10 ways…

  1. Replenish overworked hands – apply regularly if you find your hands dry out because you’re commonly washing them/ cooking/ sewing/ digging/ struggling with contact dermatitis. The original is an ultra-nourishing hand cream.
  2. Got dry or cracked elbows? A good lashing of this works wonders and they’ll be smooth again after 2-3 days of applying 1-2 times per day.
  3. Moisturise dry, cracked or scaly feet. Skin Food softens cracked heels – if you have a particularly bad case of dry feet, lather up and sleep with bed socks on for maximum moisturising effect. 
  4. Soothe scratchy or dry knees by moisturising your knee caps after showers. 
  5. Use Skin Food for chapped, dry or windburned lips or noses. The small tube is a great one to keep in your purse for this purpose (especially when travelling or in cooler climates) or you can use the newer, purpose-built Skin Food lip balm. 
  6. Use it as a thick, nourishing face mask. Simply apply generously and then wipe away excess after 10-15 minutes (apply this to the rest of your body – no need to wash it down the drain!), being sure to rub the remainder into your face and neck. 
  7. Use Skin Food as a primer. Apply a very thin layer and allow it to dry for a minute or two, before applying your makeup over the top. 
  8. Take it on flights to keep the whole body moisturised. Nothing is worse than feeling dry and dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and lather body in Skin Food for extra moisturisation. It is a very protective Flight cream. If you want extra protection, it’s excellent rubbed into the nostrils, too, to prevent drying out the nasal passages. 
  9. Use it for eczema/ psoriasis and acne scars. The combination of rosemary, pansy, chamomile, calendula, sunflower seed oil, lanolin and beeswax is a miracle cure-all for skin conditions. These all-natural ingredients are calming and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic and oleic acid, making them perfect for soothing and healing problem skin. 
  10. Use it as a nail moisturizer. Rub it into your cuticles and around your nail beds when you’ve got flaky or dry skin that needs soothing. 

 So these are just TEN ways to use Skin Food, but I’d love for you to share any I’ve missed! Did it help you during pregnancy? Or perhaps when you got a burn from the stovetop? Let me know below and don’t forget there’s now a family of Skin Food products in the vegan body butter and the skin food ‘light’ and lip balm, now joining the original. AND? Weleda takeback all your empties to recycle with Terracycle and turn into new products such as shopping bags and bottle cap lining.

Shop the range at http://www.weleda.com.au/

Low Tox. Happy bodies. Happy Planet.



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  1. Good to know Weleda’s background
    Great ideas of ways to use the moisturiser. I feel confident to use their products. Thank You

    1. Post
  2. What are your thoughts around the fragrance component of these products? If they are really natural essential oils wouldn’t they just list them rather then putting a blanket fragrance/parfum label on it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lauren, great question! They are definitely 100% natural plant extracted oils in their ranges. They don’t list which extracts of which plants but you get a rough idea from their product descriptions. They have the highest certification of cosmetic/personal care business with a UEBT rating – one of only two companies in the world, so there’s definitely no dodginess or synthetics used x

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