Make / Do / Buy – Mother’s Day love list

Mother’s Day – I still remember buying my mum a Dustbuster in the 80’s for Mother’s Day thinking I’d done SUCH a good thing! These days mum refuses to let us buy anything so we usually do something experiential like a lovely family lunch and celebrate all us mums – me, my sister and mum – together. Flowers is another thing she loves to receive.

Some people love gifting of course and that’s fine too! In speaking to low tox peeps in our e course chat groups over the years, any gifting occasion can be a SUPER useful way to turbo charge the swaps you’re wanting to make towards your low tox home and body. I’m a big fan of sending specific links, pictures, colour specs… The world is full of homes that are full of gifted items that people don’t really love that much. More stuff we want, no stuff we don’t and less stuff in general. That’s my philosophy. I am brutal with ‘on-giving’

And so, I’ve popped together some truly lovely and low tox ideas for you – some ideas for making, doing or buying… whatever takes your fancy!

I hope they serve to get the creative juices going on what’s going to make your mother’s day special – for you or your mum, and let’s all take the time on that day to acknowledge the incredible mums no longer with us.

Enjoy the ideas!



You could make mum (or send the kids to make YOU) a body scrub like the ridiculously simple and delicious one on the blog since forever – why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

You could make her a feast or a delicious treat – The Decadent coconut ganache tart is always a fave here, or perhaps the gluten free cheese biscuits if she’s a savoury gal.

You could take a course and learn to MAKE something together like a ceramics workshop or pickle or bread making… it seems like we do activities as mums with our little peeps to a certain age and then we’re done… But why? What a lovely way to connect, learning to make something together, no matter what age, no?



What’s her favourite comedy place or movie theatre? Could you book tickets?

Does she like musicals and is one in town that she loves at the moment?

Is there a massage place she loves that she never makes time for and you could get her a certificate?

How about knowing she loves pilates but can’t justify the cost, so you all band together for a 10 pack of sessions?

Maybe you fancy doing our on-demand Low Tox Kids online course  but you want someone to buy it for you for your mother’s day gift?

You could also buy a gift voucher to attend one of Carly Jacob’s amazing crochet lessons or club. Crochet seems so good for the soul – something I’d like to get into myself and Carly’s a pro at teaching it!




Masks at night can stop wakefulness sometimes. I do love a mask and never sleep without one. These two are gorgeous…

Louvelle Amelie shower cap






Black Chicken Featherlite Silk Eye Mask


Eye Pillow – Thurlby terra bella

Eye pillows make it so much more relaxing to lie down and meditate if you enjoy lying down – Great to take to a massage or yoga class too!

Louvelle Amelie shower cap– These shower caps are SO stylish! No frumpy feeling showers ever again. They remind me of Hollywood Diva synchronized swimming routine trends in the movies of yesteryear.


Biome Scrub + Soak “Rose Remedy” – a beautiful skin treatment that you can use in the bath or as a soak.








Black Chicken new Travel Skincare Kit  

I adore Black Chicken and this travel set is a winner for trying out the whole range. Cleanse my Face has been my go to for years and Balm of Ages is a miracle balm. So good!


Low Tox Life Reusable Must Haves or Low Tox Life Body Essentials packs both available from Nourished Life. These are packs that I’ve crafted myself, based on some favourites, that Nourished life then sells with a little help on the price – they’re awesome gifts!



Weleda Evening Primrose Revitalising Body Oil

Mum loves this range. The smell is delicious and the effects are OH SO relaxing!

I adore my essential oils as I know many of you do. I’ve used Young Living for years and while I don’t make a song and dance about it because a lot of peeps feel uncomfortable about network marketing businesses, I truly believe with the research I’ve done, that these are the best, from the seed to the seal of the bottle. My nose says so, Gary’s farming and distillation methods say so, and the potent effects say so. There’s nothing more impressive than receiving one of the premium starter kits as a gift but they are ex-y, so it’s only if you are happy to splurge at $250+ depending on the diffuser you choose (The Rainstone diffuser is my FAVOURITE when choosing from the options). You can sign your mum up with all her details and can then go in and change the card details for the future… I’ve got a little post on how to start an account if you fancy.

Young Living essential oils starter kit 


BBBYO Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cover







Solidteknics AUS-ION Satin Skillet pan – 26cm

Solid Teknics are a multi-century guaranteed cookware. Imagine that, passing down your pans to your grandkids? It shouldn’t be an odd thing, it should be normal! These are ex-y, no doubt about it, BUT imagine what you spend on pans in 20 years… Invest it all into a piece and forget buying one ever again… Worth every penny and we love ours!

Haws Brass Mist Sprayer 

Make home perfumes, linen sprays and air fresheners with this gorgeous presentation!


WeWood Watch

I love the look of these if you’re a watch person. Cute, hey?


Queen B beeswax candles 

You might have heard Queen B’s founder Cate on the podcast last month Show #75? SUCH A GOOD CHAT, you must, honestly. Even if you think “I don’t have time to listen to someone discuss candles for an hour. Trust me, you’ll understand once you’ve listened. And never mind listening, getting some candles is a must too. So relaxing. Such a gorgeous, rich yet soft light!

Seljak Recycled Wool Blanket – Fringe Original

I love, love, love this little blanket. Perfect for one mum on the couch watching a movie, all cosied up, to give you a sizing idea. Seljak’s blankets are made from a minimum of 70% recycled merino or lambswool and a 30% blend of other fibres (mohair, cotton and alpaca) and poly for strength.

Biome has a great range of gardening tools and accessories

Emporio Organico stocks a range of gorgeous cards


Voila! Did you see anything that took your fancy? Something else you’re thinking for Mother’s day? Do share if you get a sec!

Happy low tox mama’s out there to everyone


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