24 Low Tox Present Ideas

Let’s not beat around the bush here – Wandering around trying to buy Christmas pressies can be a little stressful. So? I don’t actually do it. I cannot bear the thought of a Christmas car park and this is when on line shopping gives you space to chill, have a cup of tea, plan only what you actually NEED to buy and cross things off the list and pop on a good movie or go for a walk with all the time you’ve saved. Simply put, I believe that Christmas doesn’t need to be a stressful time, and avoiding shops at all costs is a way that I avoid that stress. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy!

You can always make a great deal of your gifts too and if you’re a subscriber you’d have the DIY gifts book. If you’re not, you can sign up over on the right of this blog post, or over to the right of the chocolate caramel popcorn post – should you wish to check that out 😉 If you’re on a mobile device just scroll down to sign up. DIY is a great way to save cash and packaging too if those are your main priorities. I’m a fan of mixing it all up and doing a bit of everything, focusing on buying from companies who care just as much about people and planet in all the choices they make as a brand.

If you know where to look you can find useful, kind to the planet and not totally bank busting gifts for all the low tox lovers in your life. A couple of the suggestions are also a bit ex-ier but with ‘small’ as the vibe. I just love focusing on things people will actually benefit from and use that are good for their health and gorgeous – Winning all round, right?


English Tea Collection – For the aunts, the uncles the extended family, the teachers – who doesn’t appreciate tea!? screenshot-2016-11-16-13-18-15

The Real Food Manifesto Shopping Bag

Who couldn’t do with a reusable shopping bag, right? It’s no secret I am VERY excited to have worked on this bag, ensuring it was the highest ethical and environmental standard it could be, attaining the GOTS certification (global organic textile standard). You can inspire people wherever you walk with the double sided manifesto I created bag in 2012, on your gorgeous quality, sturdy reusable shopping bags. $25 for 1 and some great bundle deals for larger quantities. GRAB YOURS HERE – Perfect for the conscious peeps in your life!



Glass KeepCup – EVERYONE could do with one of these! They also have designs that come in cork bands that are gorgeous, luxe eco items to encourage friends and family to be more thoughtful.

Dr Bronner Gift Pack = Dr Bronner’s soaps are divine, naturally fragranced with essential oil, lasting ages and a company with one of the greatest active commitments to fair pay, environmental work and people’s health I know. This sampler is never going to be ‘on given’ as a must have item – The Castile liquid soap you can use to wash yourself, your pet, your dishes or your car it’s that versatile!

Dr Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm – $5.95. Cute. Small. Inexpensive, if you’re filling a teacher’s basket, teen’s stocking, making Christmas party favours or DY crackers – Perfect, right? Cute, a few flavours AND if you get peppermint, I just may have hand poured it myself at the Dr Bronner factory in August, in southern California when I visited.  True story!



A gorgeous natural Perfume by Vanessa Megan. This is fab as a stocking / basket filler too with the option of a small 15ml for $14.95 or a larger 100ml size. Vanessa Megan has a high commitment to using the best of ingredients for eco luxury personal care factor!



Badger After Sun Balm  $21.95. A brilliant little number to pop into the stocking for the summer season. This is a gorgeous smelling balm indeed and super soothing after a day in the sun. screenshot-2016-11-16-13-17-49

Black Chicken Travel Set – I adore the Black Chicken range, and these sorts of travel kits are also great TRIAL kits for people wanting to check out the range and try a little of everything, rather than committing to full sized products. The Axilla deodorant paste is a thing of legends, and he Balm of ages is one of my favourite ‘great for anything’ products, including using as a perfume with a little rub to the wrists and behind the ears.


LukBeautifood Lip Nourish – A gorgeous sheer lippy range you cannot stuff up the colours with. They’re gorgeous for all and the packaging is even Christmassy!



Dindi Naturals Shaving Soap – My husband’s favourite product, which he uses with a big shaving brush. He adores it!


Beer Shampoo Bar – How to get a man to Go low tox? Say no more, right? screenshot-2016-11-16-13-19-01

Sanctum Men’s Kit – Perfect for the guy who travels a lot for work, and wants to try a new range without committing to full sizes. screenshot-2016-11-16-13-18-52

Weleda Men’s Shaving Set – My Dad adores the Weleda Men’s range. I’ve gifted this to many a man who’s become converted thereafter, too!

The cup or the headphones up top are great ones for the gents, too!


No Nasties Pretty Play Make Up – Little ladies adore playing grown up girls and we own it to them to allow to explore make up, the LOW TOX way – no hormone disruptors, petroleum or irritants, don’t you think? This is a gorgeous set and sure to make them smile!

Happy Hands Happy Heart – Beautiful gluten free and naturally scented play dough set

Filana Block Organic Crayons – These beautiful crayons are NOT made from parrafin / petroleum and make for a fabulous low tox drawing session.


Sanctum Baby Essentials – Little packs like this are fabulous for parents to be to try a whole range on their bub! screenshot-2016-11-16-13-18-21
Weleda Baby Bath Cream  – This was possibly my FAVOURITE baby product back in the day. So gentle and nourishing on newborn skin with healing and comforting calendula extract. screenshot-2016-11-16-13-18-35

Weleda Nursing Tea – My husband called this the ‘boob tea’. Hilarious! Very effective and super useful, I loved this tea in those early days. screenshot-2016-11-16-13-18-28

So there you have some ideas. I’d love it if you would share some of your gift ideas too in the comments. There are some wonderful fair trade gift organisations too, but knowing many of the above companies and the way they do business, you can rest assured from raw materials, to production to retail, you’ll be spending your Christmas dollars on great businesses doing right by people and planet this year.

Low Tox Gifts. Happy us. Happy planet!


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