Low Tox Life Approved Brands

What does it mean to be Low Tox Life Approved?

LTL Approved Stamp

Responsible, empowering education is at the heart of everything we do. Why? Because generally people want to do better by people and the planet, but it can be very confusing to navigate what really IS best, and it can be costly to make well-meaning swaps only to find that due to labeling loopholes, they’re not ideal.

There’s also a lot of unnecessary fear-mongering, unsubstantiated claims, and black and white extremes online that aren’t useful to us in the long game. We want people to feel excited and empowered about what they CAN change from today, rather than confused or overwhelmed about their shopping options and whether they tick the right boxes.

There are strict guiding principles we stick to when ensuring a brand is aligned with ours, the brands on this page have been personally vetted by Low Tox Life, to ensure they are 100% aligned with the values of leading a low tox life - that they are kind to people, animals, and planet! So to help take the guesswork out for you, we have done the research for you, so you just know with total peace of mind that you can support these brands. If you see the Low Tox Life approved on someone’s website, it’s our stamp that they’ve been authorised to use, so that you can have peace of mind when you’re choosing things for your personal care or cleaning routines, home or wardrobe.

What kind of vetting process do we use?

We look at how the product is produced, how it’s made, evidence of fairness in the production chain from the farm to the factory to logistics. We ensure a lack of environmental toxins such as endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, carcinogens, thoughtful use of plastic if any (such as post-consumer or strong recycling programs), absence of petroleum-based ingredients, or unsustainable ingredients such as poorly farmed ones.

We look for environment champions, brands with complete transparency, and products that act with the precautionary principle in mind - that is to say if there is preliminary research suggesting a question mark against a particular material or chemical, but perhaps doesn’t yet have a peer review or extensive research, the brand exercises caution and chooses not to use such ingredients until the science is more telling.

If you think your brand is 100% aligned with ours and would like to find out how you can be featured on this page or how you can use a “Low Tox Life Approved” widget on your website, click on the button below to pop your details into a short form and we'll be in touch within the next 5 business days.

We would love to grow our powerful list of recommendations.