Father’s Day: The Low Tox Edit

We don’t do an awful lot other than get together as a family for Father’s Day. But, some year’s when it’s too long to wait until Christmas for something you know that special dad wants, sometimes you want to get them a special gift and that’s cool too – Buy well, buy better. Buy one great thing, rather than each family member feeling the need to buy something cheap quality or token.

To that end, I’ve put together a quick edit, which if you order today, will all be here in plenty of time for Friday. Just 5 things. Too much choice overwhelms me, I don’t know about you, so I figured I wasn’t alone in that department.

  1. A gorgeous low tox Men’s personal care set from Weleda, because gifting is the BEST most positive way to switcheroo your partner to the good stuff. Now this one’s EXTRA awesome because it’s heavily marked down from $63 to $44, so it’s the perfect time to grab this while in stock – even if you don’t give two hoots about father’s day gifts. Stock up!
  2. A beautiful quality hatchet, hand carved and designed by Oliver Throsby who happens to be the Dad of my son (so I guess we can’t get him a hatchet! 😉 ). It’s ideal for wood chopping and uses around the farm, and so perfect for the man who has everything. $230 for a life long lasting purchase which I wouldn’t have thought to put in my little edit to be honest, until Ollie told me two people had ordered them for Father’s Day last week!
  3. Does daddy have a beard? A beautiful Black Chicken Remedies beard oil for the hairy ones who want to be hairy in style, $44 and this lasts AGES, I’m told by low tox alumni  (and it’s one of those win win gifts if you’ve got frizzy, dry or curly hair because you can use it as a hair oil too. Shhhhh, he’ll never know that it was one of those ‘it’s for you AND for me gifts 😉 )
  4. A stunning Kaweco brass sports refillable pen for a life time’s writing pleasure, $145. German crafted and actually will make him want to pen you all a thank you card. Refill packs available from the same shop.
  5. My Mum’s ridiculously good gluten free (can be dairy free too) Brownies – if your budget’s not big, the LOVE still can be, and making something for the special Dad in your life speaks volumes for your appreciation of them.

And what to make for your meal?

Here are my top picks to include in your menu mix.

The Perfect Sweet Potato Fries (without frying)

Sweet & Smokey Pulled Pork

Lamb Shoulder – Set and forget! 

Roasted Broccoli, onion and fresh mint

Mauritian Pumpkin Gratin

Cashew & Zucchini Thai Noodles (for a pad thai fix)

Simple Vegetarian Stew (perfect for if you’re on a budget AND / or vegetarian)

Chocolate Pudding with Gooey Bits

Date, cinnamon and coconut cake


Let me know if you end up making any of those with an instagram tag @lowtoxlife so I can see and say yay!

And there’s no need to buy cards – make them or get the kids to!  What are you doing for Father’s Day this year – anything here that inspires you?

What are you doing for Father’s Day this year – anything here that inspires you?

Low Tox Dads. Happy Dads. Happy Planet.


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  1. We make the ‘Simple Vegetarian Stew’ regularly in this house; in fact, I’m making it tomorrow night for dinner. It really is very simple to make after a day at work.
    Father’s Day – I shopped around for a restaurant that ISN’T doing the ridiculously expensive Father’s Day thing and ended up going with a Chinese… (which my Dad chose – so at least I know HE wants to go there!) If it all falls through I think I’ll do your Curry Pot Roast Chicken – another simple and really tasty dish.

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      So glad you love that one – we do too! And nothing wrong with a Pot Roast fall back for Father’s Day! Hope you guys have a special day x

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