Cashew and zucchini thai noodles for a Pad Thai fix

I wanted a thai noodle fix. I had cashews and zucchinis and thought: Hmm, I’ll halve the rice noodle amount and do the other half as zoodles. It sooo hit the spot. I love half halving the carb as while I don’t believe they’re evil per se, I do believe we have the ratios a little wrong of sauce to other ingredients to carb, if you know what I mean.

There are a few components to this dish but rest assured, no individual part is at all difficult or takes up time. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to add finely sliced chicken breast, tempeh or beef, or stir fried veg as another element to the meal.

I hope you love it. As I said earlier, you can add a few bits of leftover chicken or beef or a few strips of fried tempeh for a higher amount of protein. I had some leftover pork mince that i’d cooked up with tamari, stock and maple and a bit of veg a couple of days ago, so we had it with a bit of that on the side. It was delicious. What I love about it was that it gave me a thai noodle dish fix, minus the hidden sugar which is often quite high, and with big increase on nutrient variety with the half half zoodle / noodle factor, the blitzed herbs and the wholefood ingredient packed sauce. There’s even protein in the cashews and a bunch of other good stuff. Nutrient variety contributes greatly to satiety and excitement achieved from a real food meal. Big flavour. Big nutritional pay off. Winning all round!

Loved it? Next time, make double the sauce and blitz double the herbs and freeze half in jars for less work next time.

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Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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Cashew and Zucchini Thai Noodles Recipe



GARNISHES (all optional)

  • 1/2 cup coriander leaves
  • 1 stalk spring onion/scallion fine chopped
  • 1 tbsp black sesame seeds


  • Get your water boiling in a pot for your rice noodles. Cook them 4-5 minutes in plenty of boiling water until tender, strain and drizzle with sesame oil to stop from sticking, and set aside.

While the water is warming to the boil / rice noodles are cooking:

  • Blitz your herbs until they are fine chopped in a blender, TM or mortar and pestle. Set aside.
  • Mix up your sauce in a little cup with a bit of a stir. Done. Easy. Set aside.
  • Spiralize your grate your zucchini.
  • Chop your garnishes to have ready.
  • Then, heat a large frying pan with your sesame and coconut oils.
  • Toss in your sauce and bring to a boil for a minute to cook off the fishy smell of the fish sauce
  • Then toss in your zoodles and the fine blitzed herbs
  • Toss through your rice noodles, separating them out with a set of tongs in each hand to ensure they coat with the sauce and mix well with the zucchini.
  • Toss in the crushed, toasted cashews and stir through briefly.
  • You’re done. Pop into a bowl and garnish with whatever you have at the ready from the garnish list.
  • NOTE: If you’re doing zoodles only, grain free, be sure not to leave them cooking in the sauce for literally more than a minute or 2. They will turn to mush otherwise.

Pad Thai Ish

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  1. Made this tonight, OMG yumo!!! My kids demolished it too. I doubled it and added extra zoodles and a little egg and was hoping for leftovers for lunch tomorrow – no deal. So good, thanks Alexx

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  2. This dish is absolutely amazing!! The roasted cashews and sauce are amazing 🙂 I really loved it, thank you! Will be making this many times over.

    Variations: I first fried up some beef to bulk up the meal, I used a bit of extra sesame oil and omitted coconut oil, I used doubled the coriander and omitted mint, and omitted maple syrup. It turned out beautifully!

  3. Another top recipe Alexx! Easy to make and very tasty. I was too slow in getting the zoodles out of the sauce but still delicious. Is there a specific reason for the sesame oil? I prefer to cook without it if it works ok sans sesame oil. Thanks for sharing another great recipe.

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      Yay so glad you enjoyed it Nat – Yes those zoodles really shouldn’t be in there for long or they get water logged. No specific reason for the sesame oil other than backing up the asian flavour profile x

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  4. Hi Alexx I’ve just joined your page. Ohh I’d like to try making this tonight – we love a phad thai too!
    Alex can I ask you which brand of noodle you’ve found that are organic? I have Bifun organic rice noodles but they are the very fine type, whereas yours look like the real deal for the dish!
    On another note, I’m getting a bit concerned about all this news online regarding high levels of arsenic in rice products – a particular concern since my family need to be gluten free and therefore rely on rice replacements a fair deal (never mind the baby products they’re talking about!!) Wondering if you have any insight on this…..
    Thanks so much

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      Hi Harriet – I’d stick to rice that’s Aussie grown as we don’t have a high arsenic factor here. I bought mine from About Life – cannot remember what brand but will look next time and come back to you x

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  6. Wow, this is damn delicious! My very tired 2 and 4 year olds liked it and even my husband who doesn’t like mint or coriander loved it (I subbed basil for coriander and didn’t have any coconut milk so I used almond milk. Had no cashews either so I used almonds. Only wished I had doubled the recipe!

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