20 lovely Mother’s day gifts that are NOT another scented candle!

I want to start by saying that Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be about gift giving at all in the material sense, and I’m guessing, being low tox readers, you’re of the same opinion. While I love that my family always get me a little something thoughtful and useful, it’s the things my son makes with my hubby that really pull at my heart strings – like the wood carved heart trio or the drawing of the family, even though I’m afraid he’s inherited my ‘terrible at portraiture’ genes. Bless him. So good at other things…

I thought I’d put together a list of tangibles for you, that aren’t going to break the bank, so that you can either get one special little thing, or assemble a basket of goodies. I hope you enjoy them. You’ll notice no scented candles. Why? Almost all contain synthetic fragrances, either paraffin or GMO soy wax and potentially lead in wicks (read my CANDLE article here if you’re not hip with the details yet and DON’T panic. Easy fix to ditch and switch to better stuff!). Almost all of them are hideously overpriced – How did $50 become a great idea for a candle? I have it on good authority that they cost next to nothing to make and I find them such tiny bang for buck, given the chemical load implications. We can do better! (And yes there are some lovely artisanal producers of scented candles with natural oils and beeswax but they’re very hard to come by). I’ll be forwarding this list to my husband the minute I press ‘publish’ and I’ll also be insisting our family goes on a big nature walk by the harbour on mother’s day – one of my favourite things to do together since an indigenous guided tour opened us up to the many wonders you find along the way- time with the man I became a mother with and the boy I adore being a mother for. Perfect.

Under $30

Dr Bronner’s Rainbow Sampler Pack

$29.95 – And this is 20% off AND you get to go in the running to win mum a trip for 2 to a beautiful tropical villa getaway in Byron Bay, NSW if you buy one so forget mum, buy one anyway. I didn’t just say that out loud. I may have already entered myself, so feel free not to, so as to increase my chances 😉 But seriously, I adore Dr Bronner’s castille soaps – you can use them for traveling as your dishwashing liquid, floor soap, body wash, pet wash, hand soap and quick knickers and socks wash while on the go or at home. SO handy and a gorgeous “try all the natural scents” pack.

dr bronner rainbow sampler

Beeswax Aromatherapy Candle

$8.25. Great if all the kids want to get something and you don’t want to break the budget. A beeswax candle is a simple thing of beauty and you aren’t going to be breathing in paraffin off gasses or synthetic hormone disruptive chemicals from fake fragrances with these gorgeous flames. Sounds much more attractive, doesn’t it!? Lightly scented with a essential oils and wonderful value!

GOTS certified organic shopping bag with Real Food Manifesto print, double sided.

$20 for a limited time, down from $25 – 20OFF is your code in the checkout. I created this bag because I wanted to go through the process of creating the fairest trade bag so that all farmers and producers are paid well along the way,  as well as the most sustainable bag from organic cotton, as well as the most durable and comfortable to use. This bag fits a tonne of produce, and because of the shoulder strap length, it remains comfortable to carry. You kind of have to use it to believe it but everyone confirms it who has one. I hope you love them, and if your mum is a conscious shopper, she’ll proudly want to carry one of these around!

Sow ‘n’ Sow Card

$9.95. Another gorgeous idea if you’re making up a collection of things for a basket, or if you’re on a little budget but you want something meaningful. Seeds bring so much more than the tiny packet they come in.

Upcylced Make Up Case

$22.01 – The things you find on Etsy hey? Love me a bit of upcycling and pieces that tell a story from before they were what they are today, as well as saving non compostable materials from landfill. There are some gorgeous upcycled cases on there if you want to take a look!

The Swag Fresh Produce Bag

$19.95 – Now these might seem thoroughly un-lovely for a mother’s day gift, but in and amongst a few oher things it can be the ‘awesome practical element’ to the gift. The Swag was created to keep your veggies super crisp for longer and no one likes a floppy carrot, so it’s truly a great gift.

the swag bag

LukBeautifood Sheer Lipstick

$24.95 – A simple sheer and exquisitely packaged lipstick is sometimes all the doctor ordered (plus a cup o tea and a sleep in!) Cindy and her team make these so natural you could eat them, technically, although that’d be a pretty expensive snack. Best keep them for the lips!

luk lip lipstick

Black Chicken Sleep Pyramid

$19.95. I caught up with Chey the founder of Black Chicken just the other day and she showed me this little pyramid of calm. Pop it under your pillow, or by the bedside table and let it emit its lavendery goodness. Such a cute gift.

Under $60

Peppermint Magazine Subscription – 12 Months.

$44.00, 4 issues.  I love this conscious living magazine. It makes you think, it gets you curious, it gives you goosebumps and it’s packed with practical tips and ideas on taking your sustainable living to the next level from wherever you’re at right now. I was chuffed to be asked to contribute to the current issue about going low tox in your home.



Mukti Water Bottle

$39.95. A gorgeous design and a nice big size for someone who wants to take their filtered water with them and not run out over a few hours.

mukti water bottle

Down to Earth by Rhonda Hetzel

$45.00 This book is just fabulous for women who want to keep things simple at home and are interested in the subject of self-sufficiency and off grid living . It is PACKED with recipes, ideas, and resources to ditch all the modern noise and keep it simple.

Lily Lolo Make Up Set

$41.95  I adore Lily Lolo make up. The quality is tops minus all the petroleum and lead in the mainstream stuff. This set is great value and a boss from many years ago always used to say “A woman’s self confidence and sexiness always goes up a notch with painted lips – caveat: I was in the cosmetics industry at the time, but it’s true for me. Even in a lovely light shade like the below, a little lip pencil and gloss and I feel a million bucks.

Millie’s Cheese Kit

$59.95 (a wee bit more than $50 but sometimes you just can’t help yourself!) For the foodie mum – Better yet, you could make the cheese for her, give her a glass of wine and say “Your best friend Suzie’s on her way over, and we’re off to the movies and we’ll be back in a couple of hours. Have a great time catching up with your bestie.” I think one of the most precious gifts to a woman on mother’s day, is reminding her of the gifts she should give herself.

Stoned Luxe Beauty Sets and Packs

 I find crystals so empowering and for a mum into alternative therapies, essential oils and the like, where you don’t want to give her the ‘wrong treatment from the wrong place / wrong oils,etc’ then if the mum you’re buying for loves her crystals, Stoned has a lush collection of ritual packs and sets that fills you with a light mood and positive energy.


W3LL People Mascara

$48/ This might seem expensive for a mascara but head to the mainstream department stores and you’ll pretty quickly realise it’s not only costing you less, but performs as well AND minus the coal tar: A big plus. Huge. This is my favourite natural mascara to date and I’ve tried and tested over 10 now.

Teal Eco Dyed Pouch

$44.50 – Naturally dyed gorgeous little pouches for travel, handbag sorting or whatever else you fancy using them for.

Rosehip Plus Gift Set

$43.00  You might remember from the newsletter that we gave away these gorgeous RoseHip Plus packs to 3 lucky readers? Well it’s a pretty amazing deal regardless at $43 and a brilliant range for people avoiding fragrance in their products and after a very gentle skin routine. Many people love the benefits of Rosehip oil on easily aggravated skin or skin in need of an extra nourishment boost over the winter. The 30ml pure oil is essentially FREE in this kit, so it’s a great price and an Aussie owned and made product.

The Bamboo Diffuser, Premium Starter Kit, Young Living

$264. The budget blow up of the list, but a great home set up kit for moving towards sustainable, natural home fragrance as well as more DIY applications. If you want to go a bit crazy for mum and she’s been talking about getting essential oils and a diffuser to replace those synthetic, hormone mucking air fresheners and wall plug scents, then grab her an amazing Young Living premium starter kit. You receive a diffuser (I’ve pictured here the ‘bamboo’ one, a favourite), 11 of the most useful and delicious oils from their range and some other little treats in there, to have everything she needs to go natural for scenting the home, worth over $400. You can pop on and create yourself an account with my member number and I’ll see you’ve joined and then pop you in our SAFE (no internet doctors or guzzling oils internally being talked about in our group) oily  facebook group, discussing oils for mental, emotional and wellbeing support as well as home cleaning and cosmetic DIYs. My member number is 2450874 and you’ll never get that icky amway auntie vibe that you’ve been lured into something against your will – that I can guarantee you! Truly, ditching those fake candles, wall plugs and indoor ‘fresh air systems’ for essential oils and diffusing is a game changer for lowering your indoor air pollution – 15 drops on a tea towel through the dryer = no need for chemical-poop-storm fabric softeners either. Just add 1/2 cup white vinegar to your wash to soften and the oils to give a light, natural fragrance. Soooo many more tips where that came from.


So there you have a few ideas – I hope evening if you don’t go for any of these, it helped you get the creative juices going – often that’s just what the doctor ordered to know what’s going to be perfect for your mum (or are we talking about YOU here? hehe!)

Here’s to celebrating all the mothers past, present, and future. It’s going to be my ‘baby’ sister’s first mother’s day (She’s 36! But she’s still my baby sister) and I honestly am so emotional at the arrival of my new little nephew that I tear up just thinking about it. How amazing is the gift of life and family? I’m counting my blessings this year big time.

Low Tox. Happy Mothers. Happy Planet

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