BIOME must-haves

I love their extensive DIY beauty and cleaning ingredients section. There’s nothing in there that you’ll be missing and a bunch of recipes to make the most of it all!

For lunches for kids, I love the Kleen Kanteen insulated pots because my little man LOVES leftovers for lunch and a nice, hearty hot lunch in the cooler months. I also love the Lunchbots CINCO for lots of yummy tastes of things. It’s not great for wet things like yoghurt etc, but it’s the hardiest lunchbox I know so I love it for that and if adding a CHIA pudding or a custard and fruit, I do that in a separate stainless container like the U Konserve ones.


I adore these pure linen quilt covers. SO beautiful!

For gentle daily lymphatic drainage, you can’t go past a good body brush and they have a vast array.

They stock my absolutely favourite Beeswax Candles by QueenB (did you listen to my podcast #75 with Cate Burton the founder? It’s brilliant!)

These ecotools brushes are my favourite by far! So sturdy, especially the angled little eyeliner brush (once in prestige cosmetics, always in prestige cosmetics!)

Their gifts and travel packs are always great if you want to try something out, like my absolutely fave Black Chicken Travel Pack – as a gift for a good friend it’s awesome.

I also recently came across a gorgeous skincare brand called Retreatment Botanics, toxin free, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free. The range was designed by Olivia Newton-John and her team for the lovely Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron. Beautiful native Australian plants have been selected as key ingredients throughout the range: Davidson Plum, Native Limes, Banksia Flowers, Australian Sandalwood Seed and more.

For babies the options are endless, but I love drawing attention to how weird it is that our babies chew on plastic to teeth when our gums are the gateway to our bodies. Often people are so relieved to hear you want something specific when they’re wanting to get you a gift for baby and you’re catching up, so I’m a big fan of sending a link! Then you get something low tox, AND something you NEED rather than another thing you have to find somewhere to put on somehow to gift it onwards… These silicone teethers are much better than dodgy plastics (or you can do what I did and use beef jerky! Little man loved it!)

I cannot rave about these ice cube trays enough: they are unbreakable and I just love the shape of the ice cubes, so sturdy and they don’t melt in 3 seconds! (Once a bartender… 😉 ) You might balk at the price but you’ll have these for your whole lifetime and beyond! And again in the stainless, life-time department, these brilliant popsicle moulds. SO good. We love them – and most importantly little man ADORES making them together.


So that’s just a little window into some of the goodness you can find in this super special pioneering Aussie store!

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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