Hello! I've had the great pleasure of having not just over 200 conversations across my podcast and e course, but also some wonderful conversations on other people's podcasts and courses over the years.

Now with the book Low Tox Life out as well, there's been some wonderful media coverage of the book too, so we thought we'd create this page for anyone new to the book, me or the work we do at Low Tox Life, to help you explore the 'why' and my approach.

Each of the tiles below is either a talk I've given or a podcast I've been interviewed on.

And here are a few articles my words and the book have appeared in. Happy listening and reading.

Better Homes & Gardens - Scented Candle Dangers

Organic Gardener Magazine - 5 page feature

SBS Australia Kitchen Farmacy - Feature and recipe

Homes to Love - tips for reducing plastic waste at home