My Iherb shopping lists

Yay - You guys have been asking for my Iherb picks for AGES. I don't shop much on Iherb but certain supplements I can't get in Aus that I need to be on, so when I do, I have a few pantry items and recommendations for our US/UK low toxers for easier access of cleaning products etc. Enjoy! x

iHerb picks - Pantry stuff

iHerb picks - Personal Care items

iHerb picks - Cleaning and Home

iHerb picks - Anti-inflammatory supplements

NOTE: I've included some of my anti-inflammatory / mould protocol supplements here because I've been asked so many times what I've taken and done, but I want to emphasise that if you're experiencing a chronic situation around histamine overload and / or mould, please see a practitioner. I can recommend Dr Jess Armine (skype, PA, USA), Dr Min Yeo (Sydney, Intergrative GP) and Kate Johnston (naturopath / nutritionist) who have been my incredible support trio, tirelessly researching the chronic issues of their patients that are in 'too hard baskets'  to get to the bottom of things and start to heal.