How and why it all started!

Welcome to a little story about how this all came to be!

I started Low Tox Life - originally called Real Food & Low Tox Living - back in 2009 a few months after my little man was born. I tell you a little bit about that on the home page video but suffice it to say this business chose me. It was truly meant to be.

My first realisation that there was a better, more values-based life to lead that centred around putting my health and the planet's health first in my purchasing decisions and way of living, was when I realised my migraines stopped when I left the cosmetics industry.

The second was when - after 2 decades of tonsillitis every few months - I met my naturopath who in building up my immune system with herbs and having me say bye bye gluten, sorted that out completely. 2 mild cases in the past 14 years by comparison to a few times per year!!

The next was after my period vanishing for a couple of years after stopping the pill, having tests and being told I might possibly have to prepare for early onset menopause (!!! I was 27/28!!!) I went to that new naturopath I'd found, she laughed and got a bit huffy and puffy with that comment and with the work of her magic again, I was rocking and rolling on the crimson tide after a few weeks. I was now very much paying attention to this holistic way of doing things.

The final 'wave' of my commitment to education in this space, was my son being born and the learning I then did about food systems, chemical industry and more, meant I decided to take the brave step to taking all of my experience in training, education and motivation in the hospitality and cosmetics industries, and bringing that to the health and sustainability space.

I was determined for it to be positive, non judgemental and can-do. Real support for real people and real, defined learning spaces with our e courses, to avoid internet overwhelm and black holes of research leading nowhere, or blog pots that put the fear of god into you with no practical TOOLS or concrete research attached.

And so, here we are. You've found a truly heart centred business. Me and the team want to do our best by you, best by our planet and help you feel that the changes you want to make are totally possible with the right tools and support.

Plus? We think it's really critical to enjoy a nice piece of cake or tart every now and then while we change the world, so recipes are an integral part to our value of "Make change delicious!".

Here's to all the work you and I do together to change things for ourselves, our planet and the children we leave it all too when we're gone so they can be proud of our efforts instead of thinking "They knew about this and didn't do anything?"

You can check out the courses, podcasts, and recipes I've written over the years.

Thanks for being here

Alexx x


p.s Sometimes it's easier and more fluid when I explain all this when I am interviewed on someone's podcast. So feel free to check out my chat on the beautiful Kate Kendall's podcast  or the Inspired Table Podcast