Book Resources

Yay thank you so much for getting a copy of my book. I so hope you’re enjoying it and it’s filling you with inspiration for what action you can take.

In terms of where to shop and what to get, in between sending this book off to the printers and now, we’ve created a wonderful shop page.

Head over to the shop page for all of my Aussie favourites or we have several resources across the UK/USA/NZ/CANADA that you can access HERE via our country spreadsheet. 

All you have to do is click on the topic type and then you’ll see going down the spreadsheet the options for your area/country.


It might be of interest for you to have a look at our free downloadable resources page to see how to take community action and start conversations at work or your child’s school.

Have a little something you want to share on social to do with what you’ve read in the book? Share it over on instagram #lowtoxlife @lowtoxlife as we’ll be giving away lots of gorgeous prizes over the next months to people sharing their experiences and changes online.

Here’s to a low tox life – healthier people, happy planet!