Bye bye nasties!

So you’re curious about how to Go Low Tox?

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This is your secret link for your exclusive e book offer as a Hello Fresh customer and I’m Alexx Stuart, the founder of the Low Tox Life website. We create educational tools, delicious recipes, inclusive online communities and articles to help people feel great about making better choices – for us, for the planet. No angry activist stuff, just getting on with what people like you and I can work towards with baby steps from today. I spend a lot of the time travelling around the country to speak and run workshops with everyone from big organisations, to kindergartens to help people see what we can all do to move towards a lower tox set of choices in our day to day.

What’s the E book about? It’s to help you ditch the nasties in your personal care and home cleaning, with hundreds of product links, swaps, science and encouragement, to make it a super easy and positive thing to do! There are many many chemicals which are allowed into our cleaning and personal care products without extensive testing. What’s worse? There’s research to even suggest that they are harmful to either us, the environment or both.  I teach people through my Go Low Tox e course, how to swap to natural products, how cost effective it is, how much better for our health and how empowering it is to know our dollars are going towards honest, good companies doing right by us and by the planet.

What you get in this e book

  • Learn why we have to take a closer look at the chemicals in our lives
  • Learn what to look out for, including chemical names, their meanings and effects based on scientific research.
  • Learn how to shop and avoid nasties across over 50 brands
  • Learn about the trusted websites such as ReSparkle, Nourished Life and BIOME that have got you covered and can just deliver everything to your door, conveniently in this busy, modern life.
  • Learn simple DIY recipes for face and body
  • Get a resource list of safe shops, brands and products for easy swapping
  • Cover home cleaning, laundry, face, body and sun care to ensure that what you’re using every day is non harmful to YOU nor to the environment.

The best bit? With a book like this the swaps are easy and accessible and you have access to so many options at a scan of a page, depending on cleaning needs, skin type, budget or season.