Chocolate Caramel Chews

Cocoa Caramel Chews

I love a good 3 ingredient recipe that is idiot proof AND amazing. I also love it when we can cheat the sweet system, with a 100% fructose free indulgence, that doesn’t taste like a hippy recipe you tell yourself tastes good, when really, it’s just a lil’ weird. I was originally inspired by icon Françoise Bernard’s recipe for chocolate caramel chews, but of course there were copious amounts of castor sugar, along with 60% chocolate (ie 30% sugar) in her recipe.

The beautiful thing about rice syrup as a sweetener, is that it caramelises like a charm, so it’s perfect for this mission! It’s also glucose based with no fructose so in terms of the body ‘processing a treat’ it doesn’t all hit the liver like fructose, and gets used up by the body more gently and efficiently.

Here’s a pic of me wrapping the little squares in orange spider bon bons for lil’ Mr 3’s Halloween picnic. Wrap in a strip of parchment paper first then orange tissue paper, twisting the sides into bon bons. If you want the chocolate coconut cupcake recipe for the little cakes pictured here, go here and please refer your subsequent addictions to someone else. I will not be held responsible.

Real Food Treats. Happy Bodies.

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Cocoa Caramel Chews Recipe

Servings: 50 chews (1 inch squares)



  • Grease a 20cm dish with macadamia or coconut oil.
  • Put your stainless saucepan on the scales and weigh ingredients straight into the pan. Easy.
  • Put heat on low-med and stir ingredients through until they all melt into each other.
  • Let it bubble bubble toil and trouble for about 8 minutes (not less), stirring occasionally.
  • Pour it into dish. It will spread to about 5mm deep.
  • Leave to cool for 30 minutes out at room temperature. Turn out onto parchment paper and score with a knife where you’re going to break it apart, like you would a mango cheek, or pork crackling skin, ie not right to the bottom.
  • Pop in fridge for a further 20 minutes to cool, then snap along your score lines, making sure to eat all the uneven ones yourself – you wouldn’t want your guests to see uneven work!
  • Kitchen note: First time I made these, was with 85% Alter Eco Fair Trade Chocolate. It was a little more emollient, due to the extra fats in it compared to using cacao powder. Both are great. Both use the same quantities. Your caramel will cool to be more brittle the ‘further you take it’ as chefs say, meaning the longer you leave it bubbling. Up to you. That means making a few arduous batches until you find your favourite style ; )
  • Garnish Note: Make a little mix of sea salt and vanilla bean powder to do a ‘vanilla bean salted chocolate caramel’ version. Delicious. Just pinch a tiny bit of the vanilla salt crumb into the middle.Very grown up and indulgent.

Chocolate Caramel Chews

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  1. Made these yummy treats last week for Christmas. Thanks so much Alexx for a delicious and simple recipe that feels and tastes much more indulgent than they are! Another test batch is in order soon.

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      Hi Lea-Anne. Happy New Year and thanks so much for taking the time to let me know you love them. We’re addicted at this house too! Feel free to post a pic to my FB page for me to share! 🙂

  2. Hi Alexx, I just made this recipe and poured it over 2 cups of rice bubbles – fructose free chocolate crackle! The kids are devouring them (ok so it’s me devouring them, they’re delicious!)

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      How exciting. And I often think that about my ‘kiddy friendly’ recipes, ie they’re just as good for adults!! Have a great weekend, Alexx

  3. Hey Alexx, making these and am concerned I’m an idiot (as you did say they were idiot proof)….is it possible to burn it? I did exact quantities and did over low to medium heat but I think I burnt it. The cacao has gone like when you burn chocolate. Just poured it out into a pan (not sure if poured is the right word as seems like one burnt blob). Any idea where I went wrong?

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      Hi Jacqui. Oh no! You’re not an idiot. Promise. It will be like a big caramelly blob, yes. Perhaps you just took it a little too far. You literally see it change to caramel colour and off the heat and onto cooling parchment it goes. Sounds like there was an annoyingly short 30 seconds in it on this batch from what you’ve described. You totally will get the hang of this. I should do a video soon to capture the right colour to help people know what it should look like. x

  4. Patiently waiting for these to cool and scared they’ve burned! Eeep. If they have, I’m screwed for father’s day tomorrow! 😉

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  5. I made this hoping to gift them to my daughters year 1 class but I’m afraid they may taste too bitter? My taste tester will have to let me know in the morning and maybe by then they will have mild?? I used red tractor organic cacao powder but I’m wondering if 90g is too much, should have gone less, maybe less bitter tasting then? Oh well the adults may just have to slowly eat our way through it if not right for the young ones taste buds. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My taste tester approved and the bitterness did mild (next time I won’t add so much cacao though) so she wrapped up little squares and put them in the Xmas cards she handed out to her classmates.

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