How to post your Low Tox job on Low Tox Life

As a brand, all you'll have to do is submit the form below to advertise your low tox job and follow the prompts for your 1 month listing. We have so many graduates from our courses that have that light switched on for them about wanting their work to make a difference, and they can't easily find jobs where their varied skills can be put to good use - My assistant and partnerships manager is one such person. Amazing brand manager for a multinational, big skills but not wanting to work for that type of company anymore after doing Thrive and Go Low Tox, so she's now turned Low Tox right arm extraordinaire! We want to make these connections for all of the wonderful companies doing right by people and planet - not just mine!

The listing fee is $300 for a month. You submit the details we need via the form below, pop your payment through and you're done. Your job will be up within 24 hours and on the following 3 week's newsletters.

It will help you find an 100% aligned candidate SO much faster than a generalised jobs website! I'm passionate about using this skill pool we have in our alumni who want to make a difference in their work, and helping them find companies where the culture fit is perfect.

What makes a job low tox?

For a brand to be low tox, the number 1 thing is that it has to lead with the health of people and planet from the heart of its business.

Here are some other guidelines.

For low tox products that are skincare, suncare, personal care and cleaning / home product businesses, there can be:

  • no parabens,
  • no phthalates,
  • no triclosan,
  • no phenoxyethanol,
  • no petroleum derived ingredients
  • no formaldehyde
  • no nano particles
  • no genetically modified ingredients
  • no uncertified palm oil
  • no clothing that isn't BOTH organic AND fairtrade

If it's a food or cooking product based business, it must contain

  • no additives
  • no thickeners
  • no preservatives
  • no palm oil (unless certified sustainable)
  • no fake colourings or annatto natural colouring
  • no vegetable oils
  • no stabilisers
  • no hydrogenated oils
  • no GM ingredients (including if meat, no animal products from animals fed GMO grains)
  • no factory farming.
  • When it comes to food, ingredients must be spray-free/organic / biodynamic / regenerative

If it's a lifestyle business or service-based business, it's all about being for the health of people and planet.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, YAY: We cannot wait to promote your business's vacancy and put great candidates in front of you pronto! If your job is taken before the month is up, just pop us a note to our [email protected] address and we'll keep it up but add a "Perfect person found!" across it.



Please note: Only companies who successfully meet the low tox criteria will be eligible to advertise their jobs on our listing page. If you submit a job and you aren't within these guidelines you will be refunded 90% of the value of the Job Placement fee and we will keep a $30AUD fee for administration time taken.