10 apps for Real Food Low Tox living.

Apps. Many of us use them these days on the various technologies we carry out and about so I thought I’d share a few in case you didn’t know them and were looking for appspiration (see what I did there?) These are a few apps I’ve discovered over time, in no particular order, that are great for shopping, fact checking and decision making when it comes to living the real food, low tox life. All the titles of them are clickable for the ones you fancy exploring yourself!

1. Chemical Maze

Why use it? Without a doubt the best app for someone starting out on the road to better filling their shopping basket, including food, cleaning products and personal care.I use it to help me educate and reference accurately when I post on product awareness, as i’ve long since stopped buying anything with unidentifiable ingredients, but it is genius, genius genius and great for personal care products as well, if you’re cleaning out those cupboards of dubious, hidden nasties.

How to use it? You literally type in the ingredient or abbreviated number you’re wanting to find out more about, et voila: You are given the way it’s made, dangers, body systems affected and side effects recorded.

2. Shop Ethical

Why use it? A top resource tool for growing our consciousness on things such as GM derived ingredients, ethical fishing, fairtrade, organic, carbon neutrality, palm oil deforestation, unethical farming practises as well as who the parent company is – Ie, Green and Blacks organic chocolate being owned by  Kraft, and therefore whilst it’s an organic fairtrade brand, there’s the decision around supporting Kraft.

How to use it? Just type in your product or company depending on what you’re looking up and you will be given all the information you need to start shaping the world with your shopping basket!

3. The True Food Network

Why use it? A USA based app, although many will see the value in it globally, given how many US foods are exported around the world or have subsidaries globally. This app gets you to the root of ingredient provenance. So, when you see corn in the ingredients, you know if it’s GM or not. They’ve done all the investigating for you. Included also are loads of articles for anyone wanting to start the journey and learn more about why all this stuff matters!

How to use it? Either search a product or brand OR browse safe brands and products under food categories. They include produce also for cattle farms and egg brands, so its not just for ‘packets’.

4. Good Guide

Why use it? Another USA based app, this is perfect for people wanting to raise consciousness on the packets in their shopping baskets. You will pretty quickly realise as with the other apps here, that local, wholefood, home made and organic are the go when you see the results. I see it as an awesome grocery tool for those starting out on the journey.

How to use it? Scan and see the results of your item. Build custom lists, reminders and recommendations.

5. Healthy Child Healthy World

Why use it? A wonderful parenting app for eco parenting and keeping things as natural as possible for little people. Everything from healthy feeding, information on plastics, indoor air, pesticides and more. It’s a brilliant resource for all parents.

How use it? Its a category information style of app you can browse for tips and products. Great for tablet browsing and learning about how to keep your environment safe at home. Click on categories and tips that interest you and learn more about the subjects you want more info on from a very well trusted, and researched organisation.

6. EWG Safe sunscreen guide

Why use it? One of the biggest faux pas in staying healthy is the sunscreen category. So many of them are made up of harsh preservatives and chemicals that are totally counter productive to their promoted use, being that many of the ingredients are carcinogenic. So, if you want to stay up to date with the safest sunscreens to protect you during the middle of the days in hot months, then this is the app for you. Over 1400 global brands listed.

How to use it? Browse brands, look them up in search and check ratings.

7. Locavore

Why use it? It is awesome if you live in or are travelling to the USA. Look up local markets, producers and artisans and rate, comment and join the community if you fancy as well. It gives geographical markers to all the locavore findings in the area too so you can cross reference.

How to use it? Go by town, city or state, or search a specific place or business and off you go.


8. The Eco Mum

Why use it? Created by an awesome Australian mum who strives to educate on all things eco living. For home remedies, DIY cleaning products, recipes and meditation. There are some great home remedies on there. Great when you need a remedy suggestion for something and don’t have your computer with you.

How to use it? Browse, search and click style of app. Very simple to use.

9. Hugh’s Fish Fight

Why use it? Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall is a wonderful advocate for returning to simpler, more local ways of sourcing and producing food. He’s cool and he’s made it cool for so many people to get on board all around the world through his series, River Cottage, which now has its own Australian version (which I auditioned for but didn’t get the part but got to the film shoot day round which was such fun indeed!) Anyhoo, Hugh is a fierce campaigner for sustainable fishing and this app is wonderful for those wanting to preserve our fishing stores and buy from people who are procuring fish the right way. If you’re in the UK, there’s even a sustainable dining guide for you to know which restaurants care about their food provenance as much as you do!

How to use it? Browse ethical fish, seasons for fish, places to enjoy it. Definitely more suited to a UK resident or traveller to the UK, but tonnes of fantastic ethical fisheries information regardless.

10. Australian Sustainable Seafood

Why use it? Same reason as the Fish Fight app, but for local Australian buying and eating out guides. Look up seasons for fish, greenpeace tuna can guide, line caught operations and more.

How to use it? Super simple search and browse style.


So there you have a few to start with and if it’s got you thinking about a certain type of app you might like that’s not listed, then search for it – it probably exists. If it doesn’t? Why not create it!?

Feel free to share a link to favourite apps in the comments so we can grow the resource library for all of us. Sonia from Natural New Age Mum also shared a few soon after this was written, so pop over and have a look at a few more here.  if you fancy.

Real Food Low Tox = Happy bodies. Happy Planet.

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  1. Thanks, Alexx! I’ve just downloaded a bunch of these. It’s so hard to sift through all the apps out there so thanks for the suggestions!

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  2. Thanks Alexx great to have Truly grateful for your information so much red tape out in the big world innocent people are hurt cause of companies who are frauds all for greed so its great to have people like your self who are out there and sharing their wealth of knowledge and its only thru like minded people this will happen
    Thankyou Alexx
    Many Blessingsxx

  3. Hey Alexx, I eat out a lot in Sydney. Do you know of an app where you can see which restaurants source ethically and use organic ingredients? Thanks 🙂

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      Jane – No, I don’t I’m afraid and I’ve looked extensively. The sustainable fishing app mentions restaurants who are passionate about sustainable fish around Australia / UK depending on which app, but a general ethical / organic restaurant app, no. Sorry!

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