10 simple ways to ‘have a break’ in December

I was there, standing in the you-know-it-well-I’m-sure December post office queue, this morning. A big box of kit kats had been placed amidst the super popular cook book shelves and it dawned on me:

People who don’t necessarily have our best interests at heart, profit if we think that to ‘take time out’ we should spend money on their highly processed and health zapping products full of weirdo additives, unsustainable palm oil and all the rest… the logic in that is where exactly?

When I wrote my ‘it’s time to redefine treats’ post 3 years ago now, it was about seeing ‘treats’ for what they really were and appreciating the old school, home cooked treats again, for times when a delicious indulgence is required.

I think it’s also time to redefine ‘me time’ and ‘taking a break’.

So instead of this

me time

Let’s get back to me time’s, do nothings and do not disturbs that fill us up in a way that a vacuous refined product could never hope to in its wildest dreams (and for the record I used to LOVE kitkats. Doing the work to understand exactly what a product is made of, from and by who will help shift the perception you need to shift in order to not crave such things any more. I still crave dark chocolate but I treasure it because I know and love it and carefully choose based on quality and agricultural effect on the planet. To be fair I was impressed to see that their cocoa is now sustainably and ethically sources – that’s at least something!)

And, importantly, let’s actually take the me time. We can’t pour from our cup if it’s empty. “I don’t have time” is a farce. We’ve all got it, we’re just spending it doing something else and it’s time to be realistic and say that 30 mins to an hour in the day spent on filling our cup back up is not ‘wasted’ time. You are not wasted time. You are worth your time. Gosh that sounds like a valid point, doesn’t it?

So… some ideas instead of reaching for the junk or giving into the crazy!

  1. Go for a walk. If it’s all too much that day, it’s amazing what a little 20 minute walk can do to shift your energy and clear your mind. When you get back, sit down, make a list of the 2 things you want to accomplish today and hop to it. Bye bye overwhelm.
  2. Call a great friend for a catch up chat. You know how good that feels!
  3. Meditate. Lie down or sit and pop on a meditation app for 5-10 minutes to clear space in your head! I love the Deepak Chopra meditations.
  4. Book a massage if you’re feeling overwhelmed. If budget is an issue, find a massage place near you that takes students on – You’ll have a wonderful massage at half or even less the price!
  5. Sniff an essential oil such as lemon, peppermint, tangerine or a favourite blend the Young Living Clarity to feel calm yet uplifted all at once.
  6. Read a magazine article or two from your favourite mag.
  7. Listen to a Ted talk on a topic that inspires you. Remembering how big and incredible our world is can help dissipate that 1st world problems overwhelm!
  8. Take your shoes off and get earthed in nature. for more on that read HERE.
  9. Make your own chocolate to enjoy – minus the weirdness.
  10. Sit on a park bench with a coffee or smoothie and just stare out at nature – sipping from your reusable cup of course!

It’s funny how the age of advertising has lead us to eventually believe that to truly escape our busy lives, we need mindless junk. When mindless junk becomes our greatest permission for time out, you know it’s time for us to shake it off and recalibrate!

It takes a while to topple that subconscious and crack into our conscious, critical thinking minds we were born with, but it’s at the ready and waiting for us to wake up.

What’s your favourite way to have some ‘do not disturb’ me time?

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Illustration credit: Found on pinterest, through buzzfeed which cited secondid.tumblr.com as the source.

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  1. 20 mins meditation squeezed in after leaving house ..&3 kids..a bit early ..& before going into work … …& if lucky squeezing a 2nd 20 mins in after putting baby to bed in eve !!!

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