13 links and things to enjoy on your long weekend!

For many people around the world it’s the first day of the long weekend today. There’s so much pace, hype, bustle and commercial ‘stress’ around a holiday time. As the years of living a less consumer oriented life as a family go by, we just seem to be less and less affected by the crazy holiday stress. It’s awesome. No more panicked shop visits buying up on stuff no one needs. It’s much more about time with the family away from the crazy, busy life.

Instead of giving your kids stuff, why not create some sort of master Easter project? Excursion? We melted some chocolate last week and set into moulds to make mini Easter eggs. It was such fun and we knew they were fairtrade, organic and free from all weirdness because we’d chosen the chocolate to make them with. Please share anything exciting you do over Easter? Traditions? Things you make? Eco ideas?

I wanted to share a few things I’ve found to do this weekend, thanks to a little help from my friends! Some for the kids, some for those who want to take time doing a home clean out of toxic stuff and get a bit more low tox, some family stuff… whatever it is that interests you, but rest assured. There’s chocolate and lots of it!

If you want to try a little white chocolate deliciousness, minus the tragic ingredients normally found in white chocolate, then head to the gorgeous Lee Holmes’ supercharged food blog here. I’ve bought a fresh jar of coconut butter to have a crack at these tomorrow!

white chocolate hearts

(picture taken from Lee’s post)

For more chocolate making inspiration if you haven’t tried my Cacao Coconut Crackles, then this is the weekend to get cracking and you can find those here.


For cooking inspiration you could try one of the hot cross bun recipes of Teresa Cutter’s, aka the Healthy Chef, here.

If you’re after a little action in the ‘low tox’ department, have you checked out some of my past tips? You can find them here, here and here. A couple of fab facebook community pages for inspiration on living low tox in the modern world are Nourished Life and Natural New Age Mum, who by the way wrote a fantastic wrap of her Easter finds here – very much worth a read!

hot cross buns


(picture taken from Sonia the Natural New Age Mum’s easter post)

How about making some time for a little DIY beauty. If you like the idea of a coffee scrub, you can find mine here including a quick video showing you just how quick it is to put together!

luk scrub

If you fancy an egg dying project, you can find great combinations of natural dyes here.

naturally died eggs


(picture taken from Mindd Foundation facebook page post)

Whatever it is you do this weekend, make sure you take some you time out to balance how much giving of energy we do during the holiday times.

If you’re popping out to get eggs tomorrow for the little people, make it one or two amazing quality, dark organic, fairtrade eggs rather than thinking you need to go quantity – Our kids feed off our messages, so if we act like they’re the ‘mostest specialest’ things in the world, then they will believe that too! What an easy way to treat our family and the planet at the same time. That’s the kind of stuff that gives me goose bumps. So easy to make that little shopping basket change, yet so many people benefit. It’s quite amazing!

Happy long weekend

Real Food. Low Tox.

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