5 minute feedback!

How do you feel when someone says  or in fact you get to say ‘Great job / Thanks / That training session was so well delivered /Couldn’t have done it without you / You look amazing in blue /That blog post really struck a chord / Thanks so much for the intro, we’ve built a business partnership and your thought to introduce us has really made a massive difference / That session was great and I had a couple of ideas for you to make it even more powerful, can I take you for coffee?’ The list goes on about ways and reasons for giving people feedback, but do we remember to do it enough?

I’m a bit of a feedback junkie. I just love to tell people they’ve done a fab job, that they stood out, or sharing ideas when things can be improved in a constructive way. It gives me goosebumps, delivers goosebumps, and let’s face it: The world is a better place when we are positive and help each other feel valued. We’re never going to stop wanting to feel valued, and nor should we.

So, I propose the following: Take 5 minutes a day. Think of all the fab people, posts you’ve read, comments you’ve received on your biz page, people who’ve done something amazing for charity, helped a colleague or been a great boss or leader. Stop and shoot a note, a tweet, a like, a share, a +1, a quick hand written card – There are so many ways to give the feedback these days. Forget 5 minutes in fact, if each human said one extra positive thing about another human being every single day, that’s billions of positive messages being added to the world every day – I am a dreamer. You know that by now!

Get out there and say ‘go you’ to someone right now!


Happy & Inspired,

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      Hi Toni,

      Am so glad you like it. Seems so simple to me to create a happier world where people feel acknowledged and appreciated 🙂 Be my guest and share away. Let me know when you do so I can share your stuff too! Have a fab rest of your week, Alexx

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