5 more ways towards Low Tox Living

The more you learn the less you know… that’s how striving for the low tox life can feel, and you’re certainly not the first to feel that way! One needs to reassure oneself though, that low tox living is a process and a journey & certainly not a destination. Cliché plucked from a pinterest inspiration quote? No. Just a sad fact that we cannot become free from toxins from one day to the next, and in fact, one could debate whether it were possible to ever be completely toxic free, given the wide spread of chemicals in our oceans and soil, the world over.

So, rather than despair, let’s keep chipping away because when it comes to toxins every single little bit counts, and here below are 5 more things you can add to your low tox journey!

1. Get into body brushing

Dry brushing, part of Ayurvedic cleansing teachings, is an easy way to give your largest organ – your skin – a big dose of detox, lymph system included! Use a natural bristled brush and work your way up from the soles of your feet toward your heart  with medium firm strokes for about 3-5 minutes before the morning shower. With a simple stroke of the brush you are:

  • Removing dead skin cells
  • Allowing skin to breath and take in more oxygen.
  • Improving texture and minimising cellulite!
  • Helping your organs release toxins out through the pores
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Increasing muscle tone

2. Go organic

We pee out the pesticides, they end up in wildlife, oceans and mountains, never to fully break down. Imagine what the accumulation is looking like, now a century into their use. Our agricultural soil used to have 60 minerals. Now there are 3, which means we’re mineral deficient too! I initially had to cut out quite a few luxuries to go organic, but then realised that what I thought were luxuries, were actually toxic in themselves – manicures for one! It was a small price to pay and wow, does everything taste better! I challenge you to enjoy conventional broccoli after a couple of tastes of organic. As an initial leap, consider going organic with just a few items, where there are typically the highest amount of pesticides used. Berries, Apples, Pear, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Cherries, Potatoes, Peaches, Leafy greens and Broccoli. Just even starting there, means you’ve drastically reduced your pesticide exposure. Then, get better at knowing your seasons, your local markets, co-ops and buying clubs, good value box delivery services like ooooby if you’re in Sydney, marked down produce to turn into purées, soups and compotes. Cheaper cuts of meat to slow cook. Broth made from bones and carcasses for very inexpensive nourishment. It’s do able. Every time we choose organic we send a consumer choice message. It’s powerful when enough of us start to send that message and man, that’s exciting! The organic farmers aren’t getting subsidised a single cent and that’s just sad. They’re the ones trying to respect the natural way.

3. Ditch the fluoride. A big bombshell for many, I know. Fluoride is one of those big fat lies of the past century. It terrifies me to know that in Nazi Germany, fluoride was used  to dumb prisoners down. There are countless studies done on the harmful effects of fluoride on humans, especially the growing brain of a child. It’s more toxic than lead. It accumulates in us because we can’t process all that we take in through our water and dental products and only eliminate about half, and over time that weakens our bones and ironically our teeth! If fluoride is a hazardous waste that is illegal to dump at sea from the phosphate industry, then how on earth is it allowed to be dumped in us through drinkiwater? Europe doesn’t fluoridate water any more – The minute they saw the adverse effects, it was out of there.

So, the strategy? Get a fab natural toothpaste, floss and brush twice a day, and ditch as much sugar and refined grain as you can, and don’t over do citrus fruits, white wines, coffee or tea, and certainly don’t brush straight after something acidic. You could even make like Julia Roberts and just simply brush with bicarb soda! My dentist Dr Ron Ehlrich runs a completely fluoride free practice, The Sydney Holistic Dental Centre and there are many more like him around the world. Get a fluoride eliminating water filter when budget permits too…

4. Get sweaty. Dance around, go for a run, get steamy in the sauna or the bedroom & eliminate those toxins fast and smart through your sweat! Let’s face it, we needed a short, punchy one with an element of cheeky after those doozies!

5. Get outside… says she typing away for hours on the computer! Outdoor air surprisingly isn’t as bad as indoor air, when you think about all the moulds, dust mites, electro magnetic waves, compounds in dust from our electronic equipment. Getting yourself plenty of fresh air will ensure your body doesn’t get bogged down by indoor pollutants. If you can consider it, get a great quality air purifier for inside, to get rid of the majority of your indoor pollutants.

So voila. Each could probably have their own blog post alone and might well do down the track. Missed last month’s tips? They’re here. Joined me on facebook yet?

Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet.

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