8 low tox things you can do while the kettle is boiling

As the year cranks into gear I can already hear “Oh but who has the time” starting to come out. Well, we’ve all got 24 hours. Presidents have 24hours, CEOs with 4 kids have 24 hours, you and I have 24hours. It’s what we CHOOSE for that 24 hours that makes all the difference, and in 3 minutes it takes to boil a kettle for a cup of tea, here are 8 low tox health-boosting and stress busting things we can CHOOSE to put into our day and make the time for.

1. We can take 1o deep and steady breaths.

Half the reason we feel ‘out of control’ is because our cortisol is too high and we’re not coming back to calm at any point in our days. Once upon a time before all the tech, before the 50 billion after school activities, back to back meetings and all the after work catch ups, we’d have space to chill several times a day. You and I both know that these days if you don’t carve it out, you simply don’t get it. So, 10 deep breaths. 6 slow counts in. Pause at the top of the breath for 2 counts and 6 slow counts out.

2. We can make a summer’s worth of pesto.

Here’s the recipe. Triple batch it. A good blend, a spoon into jars and a thick layer of olive oil on top to preserve and freeze jars 2 and 3 until needed, and you’re done. Fresh, additive free. No plastic packaging.

dairy free pesto

3. Do a mini work out

We can do a short work out. My friend the exuberant Lizzy Williamson has wonderful short work outs she emails out to people – just 2 mins long!  If that woman can’t transfer upbeat energy through a screen, no one can! You could even just do 30 squats or jog on the spot to get your heart rate going. Or even some basic interval training of 20 seconds run on spot, 10 seconds recovery, repeated 5-6 times. If you’re a desk person this could really transform your circulation and metabolism all while the kettle is boiling! Right?

4. Chop a week’s worth of ‘meal starters’

Do you find yourself always hating the psyche up to ‘get started’ on dinner? It’s always grabbing that first onion and knife and chopping that’s the hurdle. Once you’re into it, it’s happening and it’s all good. So, why not chop up a few jars of starter veg for soups, stews, casseroles and stir fries?


You know this is what you dread, right? It’s that ‘deep breath and here we go!’ So do it less often and jar it up into mason jars.


5. Throw a whole meal in a pot or tray

Sometimes we overcomplicate things on the busiest of days – I’ve sure been known to! Here are my ‘bung it in and cook’ recipes that are truly delicious with minimal effort. While the kettle is boiling!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Red Lentil & Sweet potato soup

Lamb Shoulder

Tamari Chicken drumsticks

or simply roast a huge tray of veggies scattered around. You’ll use them some time in the next 48 hours and you’ll thank yourself for the foresight! In the oven for appropriate cook time and voila! Sit down for a cup o’ tea.

6. Soak some grains / legumes / nuts

This takes less than a minute. I’ve written about legume soaking here and nuts here.

For grains and legumes, pour into a big glass or ceramic or china bowl what you’re going to be cooking later (I do with a morning tea on the boil for the evening’s meal). Add 1 tbsp of lemon, yoghurt or apple cider vinegar and fill well over the surface with filtered water.

For nuts, cover well with filtered water and 1/2 tsp salt into the water per cup of nuts. Seeds and cashews only need 3 hours, but the rest of the nuts 6-8 hours is perfect.

Pop through to the nuts post for the drying in the oven details, but essential you strain and dry them out in a low oven of 80C-90C for a few hours (i pop a fork in the oven door so it is more like 70C)

soaked almonds

7. Give yourself a little massage

Self care is delicious when we just carve out that time to be kind to ourselves. Yes, it’s more important than checking facebook while the kettle is going! Sit down, take your favourite massage oil, add 2-3 drops of essential oil (lavender or roman camomile to chill or rosemary and lemon to invigorate) to about 2 tsp carrier oil and give your neck, arms and shoulders, or your feet, a massage for 2-3 minutes. I adore the Arnica massage oil from Weleda with an extra drop or two of pure rosemary essential oil. Heaven. Here are a few ideas from a massage therapist and some from Deepak Chopra explaining “Abhyanga” – Ayurvedic self massage.

selfmassage deepak

8. Decompress by earthing

I’ve written about it here before and we dedicate a whole day in my Go Low Tox e course to the science of it, but essentially, to give your body an anti inflammatory hit and turbo charged energy and calm all at the same time: Remove shoes. Stand barefoot in grass, sand, soil or sea and just BE for a few minutes. It can turn a wrong day right this simple act. Do try it for yourself!


So the next time you catch yourself saying – “oh I just don’t have time to make any improvements or do anything from scratch”… or exercise or whatever it might be, just maybe, have a little think when that kettle’s boiling.

Low Tox Life can be lived with a few simple minutes at a time in and through the busiest of days. Have you got any to add? A yoga sequence would be lovely – some salutes to the sun while you wait for your morning cuppa? Something tells me we’d get a whole lot more out of that than a crazy cat video on facebook (ok, unless it’s one of the truly hilarious / cute ones then just maybe…)

Low Tox. Totally doable, right? Add your ideas.

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  1. Awesome timing with this post Alexx. Thank you. You’re so right about dinner prep… I procrastinate so well that we eat at 9.30pm. Love all the inspo xo

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  2. Thanks Alexx for these stimulating, easy to do low tox actions. I needed these reminders to get me started. I intend having the 8 steps named and on my fridge as from today and then tick as I action them Over the next two weeks. Your simplicity to make a difference is really appreciated.

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