Another year over… and a new one just begun

I have a little project for us to inspire change in each other in the directions in which we all wish to head for 2015.

I’m not much into resolutions. I find them a little vague to be held accountable for… Like we’ve all forgotten them 2 weeks into January. What I do love though, is a couple of times a year, taking a look at the good things I love that I want more of in my life. By the same token, I look at things that always seem to bring me negative feelings or thoughts or anxiety and do my best to either let go, improve or learn what I need to learn, for that to not be a repeat situation that builds up in its negative impact over me, over time. You know what I’m talking about? A couple of times a year is a good frequency to check in, and what better time than the 31st December?

Anyway, so this little 5 minute project is really simple. Pour yourself a tea – or a champagne, hello New Years! First things that come to mind in response to these 7 things.


1. Something that I really mastered this year, big or small, that I feel really happy about.


2. Someone I met who makes me feel awesome, that I want to consciously invest in building the friendship.


3 .Something I know that if I commit to doing better at, will bring me a lot of happiness this coming year.


4. Something I want to make more time for this coming year.


5. Something that frustrated me on more than one occasion that I need to master / learn to deal with better.


6. Something I need to let go of altogether that isn’t a ‘must do’, or that someone else an put their hands up for, as I dislike it, begrudge it, and if I’m to be honest, just don’t want to make time for it.


7. And lastly, what’s my favourite way to do good in the world? A great thing to learn, because doing good and helping, basically helps us live a life of goosebumps and feel super useful and appreciated.


I’ll share mine…


1. I can’t say I mastered it, but I started Yoga in April this year. I feel proud of the shapes I can already make, better balance, calmer mind, stronger body and more relaxed breathing in general. Oh, and I mastered the best gluten free short crust pastry I have ever tasted. That is one mean feat for a gluten free half Frenchie!

2. I have met so many inspiring people this year it’s quite amazing, thinking back. Andrea, Kate, Amelia, Candy, Corin, Caroline, Jo, Brenda, Helen, Jo… So many more. Here’s to cultivating friendships with inspiring people that lift you up and that you feel you do the same for!

3. I learnt this year with a simple couple of experiments, that discipline is NOT a negative, as a creative like me might have been lead to believe. Discipline is actually freedom. Doing things and being proactive frees you up to do more of what you love, not less. A head with more space in it, is a more creative one, and I look forward to adding to the fledgling mastery of discipline in admin and tax, where I either create a process and delegate it, or simply do it more efficiently myself, to make more space for hanging with family and friends, pursuing my hobbies like super long explorer walks and writing music, and creating for and hanging out with my community – all the things I like to do best.

4. Walking. I did a couple of ‘steps’ challenges with my gym this year, and felt the most wonderful body & soul results. I am determined to make the time daily, regardless of my yoga or strength classes which I do about 4 times per week, as walking just feels SO good.

5. Technology. Not my forte but such a wonderful way to help the most amount of people possible through my e courses. So, I’ve already been working hard on improving on that front. I’ve hired an amazing off sider to kick start the year with, and I am going to nail the Tech side of my business in 2015 to provide the best educational and empowering experiences I possibly can, to help people achieve their goals for the Low Tox Life <3

6. I need to say NO more. I do plenty of things for lots of people and when I say yes to something that I won’t be great at OR that won’t be where best I can help, then it will frustrate me, it will fall short of me feeling I gave my all, and it will take me away from what I want to be prioritising. Saying no isn’t selfish. It’s smart, when you’re saying no to the right things to say no to, for you.

7. Empowering people to be better humans – for their health, their enjoyment of life and the health of the planet. I fricking LOVE helping in that space and absolutely love that after 8 career twists and turns, all committed to with great gusto over the years, I have finally found something where I use my skills to do something that truly feels like it matters. So. Darn. Happy. Many of the people who did my first E Course, Your Low Tox Life, said the course changed their lives. It changed mine too. The gift went both ways and a big corner was turned. So if you’re reading this and you did the course, thank you. Want to join me for the next ones around the corner? Read here for Real Food Rockstars and here for Low Tox Life.


Voila. Here’s to 2015 and getting better and better at living a low tox life – Body & Soul!

Thanks for joining me this year.

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  1. Happy New Year Alexx! Thanks for inspiring me to complete my 5 minute New Years Eve Project, I have posted on Sarah Short Circuit. Enjoy your new years day!!

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  2. That’s a great little survey to do. We often don’t take the time to be introspective and this is what my 2015 will be all about. I’m focussing on me and even though I don’t actually have answers to some of those project questions, I will certainly ponder them and set some concrete answers. Thank you for this! I’m looking forward to the two courses you are running – this is all very new to me but I’m excited about them. Onwards and upwards 🙂

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