Banoffee Pie – Gluten free, Dairy Free

A healthy banoffee pie. Is it possible? One without condensed milk or gram crackers or brown sugar?

Yes. Yes, it is. It’s even possible to be completely dairy free and low fructose. If you know from my facebook community, every now and then I put a call out for a naughty processed / refined recipe that people would love to healthify. This time, Banoffee Pie came out on top of the 140 answers! I hope you love it. Once the components are made, it’s super simple to put together.

The whole recipe is dairy free / gluten free. There are quite a few healthy / raw banoffees floating around the interwebs. I have to say, I just don’t think eating loads of dates is healthy, according to the research of the likes of David Gillespie, Dr Robert Lustig, Sarah Wilson and the list goes on. Absolutely fine if it’s the odd slice at a party, but if regularly baking / making lunch box treats for more than once a week, dates would not make my list, being 100% GI and high fructose. Just a little something to keep in mind.

For the pastry / base, I’ve done two options: 1 raw vegan and the other cooked which uses an egg to bind and is baked. For the cream, a cheat’s version and a whipped coconut cream version. Choose your own adventure and don’t be afraid to substitute different nuts in the base recipe / just do seeds if you have to make it nut free too!

So there you go! It seems really long but in actual fact it’s 3 simple small components that you assemble with a quick last minute throw together to serve.

NOTE: I left it until serving time to assemble, as it was so quick. This stopped the chance of the base crumbling under the weight of everything if left too long in the fridge before hand.

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Real Treats. Happy Bodies.

Banoffee Pie – Gluten free, Dairy Free Recipe

Servings: 8 people


  • 2-3 fresh bananas to slice and serve

Tart base – RAW / egg free / vegan option

  • 1 cup dried desiccated coconut
  • 1 cup nuts 1/2 almond and 1/2 walnut is a great combo
  • 1/2 cup medjool dates (OR I prefer 1 medium ripe banana subbed to lower sugar content)
  • 2 pinches sea salt
  • NOTE: You might want some additional activated almonds chopped, to scatter over the top of the tart to have an element of crunch overall, which is missing in the raw version of this.

Pastry case – COOKED option, gluten dairy, grain free


Whipped Coconut Cream



  • Blend all in the thermomix on speed 6, 20 seconds OR food processor / blender for 30-40 seconds until well combined.
  • Press onto a tray – for raw tarts, spring form pans are great because you can press away and build your tart and set it in the fridge or freezer for a bit before unlocking the pan and serving.
  • Set in the freezer for half an hour.


  • Preheat oven to 180C / 350F
  • Prepare a tart shell
  • Thermomix instruction: Grind your nuts and seeds to a rough chop, speed 5, 4 seconds.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and mix speed 6, 20 seconds until well combined.
  • Food processor: Break down your nuts and seeds into a rough meal.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and process until well combined. Pop in the fridge in a big ball for 30 minutes.
  • Roll out between two greased pieces of parchment paper so that it doesn’t stick, and is about 1/2 cm thick all around.
  • This is enough to make 2 x 20cm pie crust to serve 12, OR what I did, which was 1 x 20cm pie tin and 30 bite sized minis as a sweet treat canape, perfect for parties.
  • Grease your quiche tin or tarte shell with olive oil, coconut oil or butter, and then gently place in the rolled out pastry and press into the sides.
  • If making minis, grease a mini muffin tin and roll walnut sized balls of the pastry into a ball and then press the balls out into the mini muffin tins.
  • Bake on 180C for 30 minutes (20-25mins for the minis). If you have a fan forced oven you might find it’s even a little less time. Jut keep an eye on them from 20 minutes onwards to be safe.
  • Once they’ve darkened a little around the edges then you’re done. Let cool for half an hour and then lift from their tin / dish. Let fully cool before filling (45mins – 1 hour by a window is usually fine)

For the TOFFEE

  • Thermomix: Place all ingredients into the thermomix for 60mins, speed 4, 100C. Leave the little lid off. It will splash a few tiny drips but nothing major, and you need to steam to be able to escape. This is very similar to the delicious dulche de leche recipe from my beautiful friend Jo Whitton's site, Quirky Cooking.
  • OR Saucepan: Place all ingredients into a medium saucepan on low-med for 2-3 hours until thick dark brown colour. Perfect to set up when you’re about to sit down to a movie, some work or cleaning the house (sorry I mentioned cleaning!)
  • Once it’s really dark and blobby in colour, cool and pour into a large 500ml jar. You can store this in the fridge for a month, no problems.
  • OPTION - If you’re not dairy intolerant, add 30g butter and a pinch of sea salt for an even more authentic toffee taste, although we really enjoyed it without.
  • TROUBLESHOOT If your toffee just doesn’t thicken, option is there to add another 50-80g syrup and boil a further 30mins on the stove OR a further 15 minutes in the thermomix on 100C, speed 4. Varying coconut oils make this toffee variable, unfortunately.

For the CREAM

  • Cheat’s option Use yoghurt or coconut yoghurt, with 1 tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp rice malt, maple or honey depending on preference, and 1 tsp vanilla bean powder OR a scraped vanilla pod. It’s delicious, it’s super easy, it’s quick.

For Whipped Coconut Cream

  • So, place those 3 cans in the fridge for 1 hour (I just do this the day before or have 1-2 cans in the fridge always at the ready)
  • Skim thick ‘tops’ and place in a blender, TM or jug to use egg beaters / bamix type stick.
  • Add juice of 1 lime, 2 tbsp rice malt, honey or maple syrup
  • Add 1 tsp vanilla powder OR 1 scraped vanilla bean
  • Blend on high for 1 minute to aerate and thicken. Refrigerate before using, to set it a little.


  • This is SO easy. Once your cooked tart shell / shells are cooled (Or raw one is set) - Pile a few generous blobs of the toffee onto the base.
  • Pile a few blobs of cream / yoghurt on top of that
  • Pile a generous slice of bananas on top of that, then more toffee and cream and build with a banana on top!
  • Play around with your own variations. As everything else is / can be fructose free with the rice malt syrup being used for sweetness, the berry variation means it’s a good super low fructose option. Most fodmap sensitive people I’d imagine would be fine with that too!

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