Bigger Than Jesus?

When you’re sitting on a plane, a mandatory part of the process is the reading of the in flight magazine. Usually quite boring and generic in content, I did this time come across an interesting piece on celebrity, why we need ‘it’, what’s replacing religion and an interesting segue into the rise of the tech entrepreneur as celebrity.

Humans are natural tribe formers. We need to lead, follow and congregate, and if you’ve not read “Tribes” by internationally reknowned marketer Seth Godin, it is just fantastic. While many have done away with religion in the Western world, there’s still an innate desire and need to subscribe, follow and belong. Faith of some kind, whatever that faith, gives us a sense of purpose. John Lennon controversially claimed to be bigger than Jesus, in ’65. He was right in many ways, for if you take the Jesus out of being Jesus, you get a leader and as far as leaders go, John was an amazing leader. He was a boat rocker, change maker and disruptor in a time in history where more information was kept from the people, than shared. He reached millions thanks to that little grey box, the TV.

What is interesting about tribes and the need for people to belong today, is that we confuse leadership and vision, with celebrity. Celebrity isn’t mutually exclusive with leadership, talent and substance. One wonders the ramification of the pedestals we build all too quick.

Think carefully about who you choose to be led by – does your leader nurture, listen and encourage you to grow?

If you’re a leader, lead with deliciously, heavy responsibility and a gratefulness for the people who choose to follow. Be curious about your followers and let them shine and be heard.

Who is your favourite leader?

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