Black Tahini Peanut Chocolate Bites

I wanted to make a little treat to take to friends for dinner. This is what happened. Simple. Decadent. New age vibes. Old school satisfaction. Best enjoyed straight from the freezer.

Don’t tell anyone they’re in there. Hopefully your kids aren’t tall enough to access them.

Enjoy at your leisure. You’re welcome. That pretty plate is a Kim Wallace ceramic plate.

Packed with good stuff. Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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Black Tahini Peanut Chocolate Bites Recipe


For GARNISH - mixed in a bowl, ready for dipping the bites into


  • Melt the coconut oil if not already melted. Whisk everything in together. (Thermomix / MyCook = Speed 6, 15 seconds, scrape down, further 10 seconds)
  • Pour into a small tray lined with baking paper, of about 25 x 15cm so it’s deep and can be cut into cubes once it’s set. You don’t want a ‘bark’ vibe too flat.
  • Set in freezer for 20-25 minutes or until firm.
  • Pull out of freezer and cut into squares with a good knife.
  • Dip squares into sesame. Your warm fingers will melt the outsides enough to stick the sesame to all sides.
  • Once well coated, pop onto a plate and pop all the bites back into the freezer.

sesame bites

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  1. I only have the white coloured tahini. I don’t have any carob. Can I add extra cacao and use use what tahini I have?

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  2. I’ve been wanting to make these since I saw this post and finally got my act together yesterday sourcing all the ingredients. Oh my, I think they might be my favourite Alexx Stuart recipe yet. Unbelievably good and the whole family agrees, my 17 yo daughter just passed the recipe on to her vegan friends. Thanks Alexx.

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  3. Hi Alexx,
    We can’t have peanuts or any tree nuts. How will this turn out without the nut butter. Should I be substituting it with something else? Maybe coconut butter?
    I just can’t wait to try them!
    Xox Susanne

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      Can you do a mix of tahini and black tahini instead of the peanuts? Definitely need some sort of thick paste type thing. Halva might work too?

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