Breakfast ice cream

As I ate a savoury salad for breakfast yesterday, then leftover chocolate quinoa risotto for lunch and a fish and veg dinner, I thought to myself: The beautiful thing about whole, real foods, is you don’t need to eat certain things at certain times of day. You’re free from eating the way the TV told you to. I dare say the barrage of breakfast cereal marketing from the 50s to now, was what made us ‘brand’ certain foods for certain times of day. Before world war two, a typical European breakfast was slow-prepared sourdough, broth and veggies for many countries, for example. Or fried bread and dripping – I have an early memory of visiting my grandmother’s house in England in the early 80s and being given that for breakfast there. Somehow Cher’s song ‘If I could Turn Back Time” has just come into my head. I digress…

While most breakfast cereals are not worthy of any time of day, something that can indeed be, is a ‘treat’ done right in the form of ice cream. I dare say most people big or small would feel pretty happy to have ice cream for breakfast so I hope you enjoy mine!

breakfast ice cream

This is so creamy and luscious and super revitalising. On those days where you just don’t feel like eggs, or bacon or soup or savoury for breakky, I love ‘meaty’ whip ups that I can chew, rather than smoothies, so this sort of a breakky bowl is perfect. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Vegan one day, paleo the next… It’s all real food, so how about we ditch the labels and stress of rigidity and celebrate additive free, delicious real food. Hopefully one day all real foodies will get along and respect that there are many different ‘right’ ways to eat as long as the focus is local, ethical, organic where possible… A girl can dream!

Note: This recipe is super flexible. The banana and avocado make it creamy, but if you only had berries, don’t let it stop you. It will still be delicious and that coconut cream will help. Don’t have cinnamon or linseed? Doesn’t matter! Haven’t got around to getting the Raw Breakfast powder? Doesn’t matter… Prefer smoothies? Then just make it 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cup coconut water and everything else the same, to make 4 smoothies for the family. Done.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like savoury, so enjoy your breakfast ice cream instead! Feel free to tag me on instagram @lowtoxlife if you make it!

Want to start thinking about “treats” a whole different way? READ HERE.

Fancy discovering a nourishing cupcake recipe on the off chance (twist your arm, right!?)  Go HERE.

Enjoy as always and tag me on instagram @lowtoxlife so I can see how you served it!

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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Breakfast Ice Cream Recipe

Servings: 2 depending on little or big people



  • Blend your cashews and linseeds for 5 seconds (speed 7 Thermomix / MyCook)
  • Add everything else into your blender and blend on high for 10 seconds.
  • Scrape down the sides.
  • Repeat 3 more times until super smooth, thick and creamy.
  • Serve in bowls and top with whatever you’ve got going in the kitchen in the nuts, seeds, berry department
  • I topped with a sprinkling of bee pollen, linseed, cashews, slivered almonds and blueberries.

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  1. this is perfect – I have been scratching my head with how to better use the Republica mixes I won in my hamper at Collab Christmas (outside of the smoothies I’ve been using them in). Thank you as always for the inspiration!

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  2. Thanks for posting this! I made it last minute because we had all the ingredients on hand. I must say, we were stunned with how wonderful it tasted.

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      A food processor would work for sure – use the blades and just scrape down the sides a few times until thick and creamy 🙂

  3. Hi Alexx,
    I like the sound of this recipe and I’m trying to reduce my kids’ grains, so this looks great. Will have to get some more bananas. I also like the comments you put at the bottom of the blog about ditching labels and focusing on the commonality of eating real food. I’m currently following a paleo diet (that I started because of my Hashimoto’s which I have now had “undiagnosed” (the doctor said he couldn’t give a definite diagnosis with my TSH and antibodies so low!) but when people ask me about my diet (they all do because I lost 10kg) I mention paleo but stress that it’s about eating natural, real food and getting rid of all processed stuff. I’m also getting myself mentally prepared to ditch the commercial shampoo and conditioner. Thanks for the wealth of information you provide. Keep up the good work because what you do is making such a huge difference. Thanks again.

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    2. Hi Sam,

      Congratulations on loosing 10kg! Wow!

      The power of wholefoods is just amazing isn’t it? And the best, no counting calouries, just real & yummy foods. I’m on this journey now for almost 5 years and I’m loving it. Lost about 10kg as well and it just happened…

      I’m replying to comment as you mentioned Hashimoto’s which I’m working on at the moment as well – I was diagnosed about 2 years ago.

      I would like to share 4 resources, which I found very insightful in case you didn’t stumble across them yet – they helped me get a better understanding of it:

      1. The rootcause – great book from a pharmacist with the same diagnosis – she explains how she found her and how you can find your individual root cause and then eliminate it plus many more valuable insights.

      2. This article on thyroidmom: about Dr. G. – a doc who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, how he overcame it, and why it is often hard to diagnose as it hides (like in your case – with apparently ‘normal’ TSH)

      3. Allergy Solution another book by a doctor Dr. Galland who talks about allergies as well as autoimmune diseases. He also describes a ‘power wash’ to clean up internally after the environment is cleaned and then help promote the good stuff.

      4. Medical Medium by Anthony William. just came across it this week – he believes that it’s not an auto-immune disease but a virus and that medical profession only knows little about it today. For me the best thing about his position is that he says, that it is not your immune system that is fighting you, it is doing its job, its your friend and you can support it.

      Even though all of these sources talk about Hashimoto’s in a different way, at the end they all come back to what Alexx is shouting out into the world – Get reduce toxis and feed yourself with nourishing & healing foods & thoughts. I love her inspiring and positive twist, so keep going.

      I hope some of these sources help you to get a broader understanding about your Thyroid as well and ultimately how to heal / manage it.
      Good luck on your journey!

      Sunny wishes,

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  4. another winner! Tried this in a small amount for breakfast, without toppings, just to see how the kids liked it. My 13 year old son, was so-so (the fussiest of them all to get to eat well!), my girls, 8 and 11 loved it! Will be a great one for summer mornings. Thanks Alexx

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      So glad you all (almost all) loved it – It’s a great breakky option for the summer time, you’re right x

  5. Made this for my teens’ brekkie this morning. Absolutely divine and went down very well! I added a tablespoon of Vital Proteins unflavoured beef gelatine and an egg white for good measure!

  6. This looks delicious however my son is allergic to banana’s and avocado, does anyone have a suggestion on what I could substitute instead of banana and avocado ?

  7. Hi Alexx,

    Gosh, I love Ice Cream for Breakfast – it is the best and this one sounds amazing 🙂 Can’t wait for summer to come back to give a try…

    Totally agree to you final words and just wanted to let you know that I have the same dream. I believe that whole-food plant-based vegan & paleo is actually 95% the same – what it is all about is eat real foods and forget about labels because they’re not required. I love this.

    Please keep sending out your positive vibes!

    Sunny wishes,

  8. This went down so well with my 8 and 10 year old! Although we all agreed that it would be best served during warmer temperatures rather than mid winter – my daughters lips were blue! But they wouldn’t stop eating it – so a big thumbs up. I’ve recently gone ‘low tox’ and all your recipes are so delicious. The kids have been thoroughly enjoying helping me make their snacks and meals. So a huge thank you Alexx!

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      So glad! And yes definitely more of a summer one, but so glad they’re enjoying getting in the kitchen with you! x

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