Cheesy Buckwheat “mash”

Sometimes you just crave a very plain carby type of stodge. If you say never, I dare say liar! In the gluten free, grain free world, cheesy buckwheat ‘mash’ can be your dish for those moments and the best part is it’s high protein and not quite so high on the glycemic index as grains. The beauty of mixing something higher carb with healthy fats such as good quality cheese, is that it slows the food down in your body, making the overall meal lower GI and longer lasting in the fullness factor. It’s super quick and easy. The next day, you can turn it into fingers, croquettes or patties which would be perfect for vegetarian meals or for kids parties or a mid afternoon savoury indulgence. Enjoy!

The ‘next day morph’

I’m big on re-purposing meals or parts of meals when possible to keep things interesting – to yourself as much as anyone else you cook for. Put your left overs in a container and pat down so there are no air holes and it’s a tight mass. The next day it will have set. Pop it out onto a tray and cut batons of the mix, and fry in some coconut oil / butter / ghee and when you turn onto the second side, flatten a little to make the ‘fingers’.

You could also roll into little balls and then also fry and flatten a little to make patties. My little guy went nuts for this!

cheesy buckwheat 3

cheesy buckwheat 2

However you end up enjoying it, I find it a perfect replacement for something really starchy and low protein,  as a less starchy and higher protein alternative, with the high quality cheese to give you lasting hunger stops and energy. And anyway, besides all that, it’s darn delicious and super comforting!

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

Cheesy Buckwheat “Mash" Recipe


  • 3/4 cup fine buckwheat (I used Bob's Red Mill Creamy buckwheat cereal. If you have a thermomix or good blender, you could just grind buckinis to the same consistency)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 1/4 cup milk of choice (full cream or almond milk are both great)
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt (a little more if you’re using nutritional yeast instead of cheese)
  • 1 pinch dried herbs of your choice I used provence blend from ovvio which I LOVE!
  • 2 cups loose (not packed down) grated 18 month gruyere / parmeggiano reggiano / gran padano or a combo of any of the three mixed – all raw cheeses with enzymes in tact for better digestion. OR DAIRY FREE: 3/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 2 cm cubed, knob of butter


  • Put your milk, water, sea salt, herbs, butter and buckwheat in a saucepan. Bring to a simmer and then turn to medium low, stirring occasionally for 10-11 minutes. Once it’s nice and thick, add your cheese in and stir through until melted. If before the cheese addition it’s TOO thick, ie, really clumpy and lumpy, add another 1/4 cup milk. That’s it, you’re done. This will serve 2 adults and 2 kids as a side dish / ‘mash’ alternative.
  • If you want to have enough to make a couple of morphs of this basic recipe over the next couple of days or have a bigger family, just double the batch.
  • THERMOMIX NOTE: I’d cook this on speed 2 for 10 minutes, 90C temp, steamer cap off. Same instructions adding the cheese at the last minute just through the lid. Lid off, and because it’s stirring continuously, I’d watch for liquid level and add another 1/4 cup of milk if looking too thick / gluggy at the 6-7 minute mark.
  • DAIRY FREE NOTE: Use a nut or rice milk and try adding a couple of tablespoons of nutritional yeast, a wonderfully nutritious amino acid and B vitamin packed supplement, that gives a great cheesy flavour to things to boot.

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