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This morning I came a cross a new “can” of drink called XYZ with “Chill Out” something or other as the tag line. I agree. It is so important to chill out. We do not do it nearly enough and being ‘busy’ is a modern epidemic we need to turn around just as much as obesity or heart disease. Well, this drink had 26g of sugar per can. I can guarantee you that your body will NOT be able to chill out with 4.5 tsp of sugar poured into it in a 5 minute time frame.

So, let’s review ways to actually chill out

  • Meditate
  • Take a walk
  • Have a nap
  • Read a book
  • Catch up with a good friend
  • Go sit on a park bench or by the sea
  • Listen to music and put your feet up
  • Bust some yoga sequences out on your matt listening to beautiful relaxing music

All of the above are sugar free, free of charge and easy to do. They produce incredible benefits for your brain, digestion, energy and focus.

Let’s pause to think about the fact that we’ve come to believe a packet with a promise that’s full of weirdness, over our instincts and our basic human needs. It’s actually quite nuts. And… move on!

Now, a little reminder of what sugar, especially fructose does to you

  • Excites your brain much the same way cocaine does
  • Causes inflammation
  • Causes insulin spikes which can lead to insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes
  • Causes mineral depletion – especially magnesium
  • Can elevate the bad dense LDL particles
  • Alters hormone production

I highly recommend Dr Robert Lustig’s work if you want to learn more about the harmful effects of sugar, or locally with wonderful Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar program if you feel ‘addiction’ is an issue for you.

In having seen the incredible Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post fame speak this morning, touring her book “Thrive” (a must read), she said she had eliminated sugar from her diet to be able to sleep soundly and focus better. So, getting those sugar levels right down not only helps you be “ON” when you need to be, but also “OFF” when you should / want to be.

Do not be afraid to demand chill out time. As Arianna said this morning, even if you just aim for 30 minutes extra sleep a night it will make the world of difference. Ask friends, family… Get your ‘village’ happening if you have young kids. Organise with another parent to take their kids one morning and to drop your kids another, so you both get a couple of solid hours chill out time. No laundry. No email catch up.

Just. Chill. Out.


Sorry “Chill Out” something or other water…  Your packet and promise is fake. Your ingredients are weird and completely illogical in relation to your product name. No cigar (Actually, come to think of it nothing gets a cigar. Cigars are bad!)

Ask questions. Read everything. Trust no one but your own gut before choosing stuff. You and your common sense are your best line of defense.

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Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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  1. Very similar to ‘energy’ drinks providing us with ‘energy’. It seems that almost everybody knows they need to chill out but as the modern epidemic goes we think we can have a can of chilling out rather than doing the real thing!

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