Chocolate Sundae Fudge Sauce

I will keep this brief. You have a hot chocolate fudge sauce to make and there isn’t a moment to lose. This can be used hot and poured over ice cream or a simple instant ice cream.  Then when cold it is an awesome icing for cupcakes or cakes. To use cold, just let it cool to being thick enough to dollop onto a cupcake, and refrigerate a further 30mins to 1 hour to set it before serving.

Real Treats. Happy People!

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Chocolate Sundae Fudge Sauce Recipe



  • Simply pop cocoa powder, butter and rice malt syrup (or honey) in a small pan on medium and mix until combined just for 2-3 minutes – Add a pinch of sea salt for extra salty zing or cinnamon.
  • Serve hot or cool and top cakes and cupcakes. It is immensely enjoyable and far, far too simple.

chocolate fudge sauce

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  1. So delicious but mine split and became half melted butted and half clumpy chocolate. What did I do wrong? Heat too high? Would love a smooth consistency next time. Thanks!

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      Emma I am SO sorry I didn’t see this last year – Not sure how! Anyhoo, So glad you like the taste, but that’s no good at all! It might be the type of butter. To ensure maximum success chance, I’d melt the butter and rice malt together first, and then whisk in the chocolate powder. That should make it fool proof x

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