Cinnamon turmeric custard

If you’re going to eat treats, it stands to good reason that you’d employ delicious tweaks to steer them towards being beneficial to your health, right?

I’m talking anti inflammatory custard. Yes, you heard me!

I created this custard as a twist on my lemony coconut custard recipe, for the Mindd Forum last week and Brenda Janschek who was helping distribute the samples to the 300 attendees said “no word of a lie I’ve never seen that many tongues out in all my life. Licking every last bit from the cups, they were. Asking for – no grabbing – seconds, one lady took 4 more little cups… she didn’t even ask!”

Brenda pouring custard

My amazing friends helping me get 300 samples prepped for the Mindd forum demo.

We laughed. Oh dear. The expectation is now probably quite high. I think it’s rather luscious and now that it’s been raised high on a pedestal, I hope you do too!

This is what 5 litres of custard ready for 300 samples looks like!

Enjoy and tag me on instagram when you make it to give me the verdict @lowtoxlife

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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Cinnamon Turmeric Custard Recipe

Prep Time2 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Servings: 6



  • Thermomix or My Cook Premium: Pop all in your thermomix and cook for 8 minutes 30 seconds, speed 4, 80C. Once done, blend for 4 seconds on speed 6 and pour out into a mixing bowl straight away to prevent furthur cooking once it's done.

Traditional Method

  • Heat coconut cream, spices and vanilla in saucepan until just boiled.
  • While that’s heating up, whisk your yolks and whole eggs, tapioca & chosen sweetener together until well combined. (If you’re using gelatin not tapioca to thicken upon cooling, don’t whisk in until custard is done and hot.)
  • Once your milk/spices are hot enough to see a little bubbling around the sides of the pan, you're ready to incorporate it with the eggs/tapioca/sugar.
  • Very little by little, pour your hot coconut cream mixture into the egg/sugar bowl. Imperative to whisk as you go, to avoid cooking the eggs in this step. Pour slowly while stirring (it's great to have a helper for this step) until it's all combined in the mixing bowl.
  • Now, pour the whole mixture back into the saucepan on medium heat and stir continuously until you feel it thicken - I use a wooden spoon as it's super easy to see it coating the back of the spoon once it starts to thicken. Once it has thickened (this transformation happens in about 30 seconds when it's time) it's done.
  • Pour into a clean mixing bowl and let it cool in the fridge, or serve warm with a pudding or as a coconut vanilla ‘soup’ with strawberries for an indulgent treat your family will kiss your feet over!
  • That’s it! It’s delicious as is or for some crunchy bits use my crunchy, nutty, recipe. – so easy to make!
turmeric cinnamon custard

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  1. Tongues everywhere, moans and groans, eyes rolling into back of heads. One could say this recipe was truly orgasmic!! Thanks for sharing. x

  2. I love things with turmeric in them – Green Kitchen Stories have some amazing turmeric breakfast muffins and smoothies with it in. What would be the equivalent amount of ground turmeric – I can’t always get fresh?

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  5. Alexx I can’t leave the house atm cos of shingles (so gross) and I had no tapioca, arrowroot or gelantine. Sooo, I subbed in agar afar. 1 tsp in a half batch, worked pretty good!! 🙂

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      Oh Katy so sorry to hear you’ve got Shingles! Thanks for the sub mention. Great for vegan / vegos too! Get well soon x

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  7. I have just made your chocolate fondant recipe and frozen to be super prepared for my husbands birthday dinner. Do I have to make this custard fresh on the day or could I store for a day and reheat?

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