Seafood in Coconut Tomato Broth

Seafood Bathed in a Heavenly Coconut Tomato Broth

Rich flavours. Strapped for time. Making a handful of marinara mix and 8 prawns stretch to a 4 person family meal? That’s what I’m all about with this recipe! Soothing coconut broth with a hint of spices, anti-inflammatory turmeric, tomato and greens – it’s a warming bowl of health. Plus, if you don’t have fish stock at hand – my cheat’s fish stock gets you great flavour in 15 minutes! The first time you make this, it will probably take you a little longer to navigate, I won’t lie. Now I’ve made it a couple of times, it’s so simple and quick, I promise!

I hope you like it too! Best news is the whole lot cost under $2o, all organic! Left over coconut milk going into the morning’s smoothies 🙂

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Seafood Bathed in a Heavenly Coconut Tomato Broth Recipe

Servings: 3 people


For my cheat’s fish stock (or of course, ditch this step if you have quality fish stock at hand)

  • 2 spring onion/shallot stalks, cut roughly in pieces

For the Main Recipe


  • Double the quantities for a bigger family or friends coming over, or to make a reserve dinner for a hectic day down the track!

To make the cheat’s stock

  • Chop the heads off the prawns and pop them and the carrots, spring onions, thyme, parsley, tomatoes and water in a small pan and simmer on lively, for 15 minutes.

To make the main event

  • Once you’ve got the cheat’s stock going, chop your onions, and get them going in the coconut oil (or ghee or macadamia oil) in a large heavy based pan, on medium heat.
  • Then chop your garlic, fresh turmeric and have ready.
  • Once onions are really soft and getting golden (about 15 minutes, pop the teaspoon spices, garlic, turmeric in and fry off for 1 minute.
  • Add the coconut milk, tomatoes and water and cook off for 5 minutes. Then strain the cheat’s stock into the liquid.
  • Finally, pop the marinara, peeled prawns (poop shoot removed too!) and baby spinach in to poach for just 4-5 minutes max.
  • You can serve this with either steamed green vegetables or brown rice – depends on your preferences.
  • I love to throw some generous fresh coriander leaves to finish – a fabulous contrast to the warming, rich flavours of the dish.


If you can’t get a blend of Indian five spice ready blended, just buy the individual spices in the smallest size you have, and place all in a larger jar to create your own!

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      oh Jenny that’s fabulous news. It is a very yummy soup and was just thinking the other day it’s been too long since I made it! Have a fabulous Christmas 🙂

  1. This is delicious! I would highly recommend this recipe! And it’s so easy, even with making the stock! Loving your recipes Alex! It’s the third amazing dish we’ve recently made of yours. Got another to try tomorrow night

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      Oh I’m so glad you made this one Carly and are enjoying the recipes in general – An oldie on the blog but a delicious one. I’ve got some prawn stock in the freezer and I’ll be making it for us this coming week – thanks for inspiring me x

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  2. I have made this a few times, always rave reviews! Sometimes I add a little chili sauce. Stops all dinner conversation though 🙂

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  3. Hi Alexx

    This looks amazing but the ingredient list for the soup is not there. Just the list for the cheat’s stock.

    I’m not sure what blend of spices you are suggesting, nor the quantities of the various ingredients. Would be great if you could update the recipe as I’m super keen to try this on the weekend.

  4. Hi Alexx. Is it just me or is part of this recipe missing?
    I can’t see the ingredient list for the main event??

    1. For the Main Recipe
      2 tablespoons of ghee or coconut oil – whatever you prefer! Both delicious and nutritious
      1 medium sized purple onion, fine dice (brown onion is totally fine too!)
      2 cloves garlic, smashed and rough chopped
      1 teaspoon Indian 5 spice (cumin, mustard seed, fennel seed, coriander seed, fenugreek) or your favourite curry powder
      120ml Coconut Milk
      1/2 tin chopped tomatoes
      1/2 tin water
      1 teaspoon turmeric paste (flat, not heaped)
      2 handfuls baby spinach leaves
      8 prawns, peeled and poop shoot removed (slice down the back to about 2mm deep and peel away the little dark string.)
      300g Marinara Mix (Local, not imported if you can) with the prawns, all sprinkled with salt and olive oil and mixed in a bowl until needed.
      Celtic sea salt to taste
      Fresh Coriander, to serve

  5. Help! Please, I have the same challenge as Barbara Lees.
    I made it before (delicious!)
    I want to make it again, but would like the quantities of the actual stew, not only the stock.

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      Mari at last we’ve been able to locate my archive recipe before moving it across. It’s all updated properly now and so sorry it took ages x

  6. 5 stars
    Finally! 5 star rating, 10 years later 🙂 I have made this many times, always gets rave reviews! The hardest part is what to serve for dessert………cause nothing beats this meal!

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