Hi all and a big welcome to loads of new subscribers this week. I hope everyone has had a delicious start to the year.

I’ve been thinking a lot about progress and change this week. When does change feel good? When does it not?

Feeling better about ourselves in mind and body AND doing better things for the world with the way we live, should be a delicious, fun and inspiring journey. We don’t have to be niche and action doesn’t need to be extreme. If we learn, adapt and incorporate better ways, new healthy foods, little things each week and share with our friends, then it can be a beautiful thing to make change. Yes, we learn some bad stuff on the way, but the bad stuff is not permanent – whether it’s shampoo choice, pesticide effects, toxic mascara, unsustainable farming… You’ve got to know about stuff to change stuff after all, no?

“Why do We Do What We Do,

When We Know What We Know?”

How powerful is that, when you really think about those words. I think it’s why many bury their heads in the sand about all this stuff, because actually, of course it’s just easier not to know. I’d like to think our community asks ourselves, and changes what we do, once we know something’s not right, be it for direct benefit to us personally or for animals or the planet. That’s something to be proud of, cause it’s not always easy to learn and uncover some of the things we do.

Thanks for making me braver, more responsible, more creative and more challenging of my own thinking, to bring us delicious food, uncover nasties, share stories from amazing people and all the rest. This year has loads of video in store, a couple of new functions on the blog and a blog makeover, due any day now.

A word to those expecting a particular post: I nearly finished a piece on an amazing new product that’s proving wonders for eczema as well as many other ailments and illnesses, but I’m not happy with my level of research yet and got bowled over by an unexpectedly busy week. It will definitely be in next week’s round up, if not before, which I’ll pop on facebook  in that case. Join in there if you haven’t already.

At any time, feel free to hit reply and let me know what you’d love to see here, more recipes, more exposés on toxic stuff we should avoid, more exciting new products, ways of growing produce at home, more inspiration or of course less of things too!

Enjoy the ‘I can’t believe it’s not Milo‘ recipe. We definitely have in this house!

Real Food. Low Tox.

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