Conscious Eating – ditching processed foods!

Nothing processed for 30 days… You might find it super easy and be living that way already. Some of you might be finding it pretty daunting to ditch the processed packets. You are absolutely not alone. For anyone new to ditching packet weirdness, what if I were to tell you it’s really easy to look at a packet of M&Ms and not even register desire, let alone restraint and resistance towards them? See, to *really* be free, I believe you have to do the mental work to get free. Otherwise, you’ll forever be feeling like you’re missing out, and that’s not the best way to go through life, or the next 30 days.

You have to understand what’s in those so called treats and processed foods in the first place to be free from them. There’s a boardroom. There are consumer insight surveys. There are calculations. They’re products made by companies who want to – and must – keep boosting their sales and share prices. The way they do that is by continually finding cheap ways to manufacture weirdo products, that people in white lab coats work hard to make addictive, so that we keep coming back. Then a marketing team works really hard to make it look like life sucks until the moment you get to enjoy those XYZ’s. It might be hard to swallow that reality right now, but it’s absolutely the truth. We’ve been totally duped and life is way sweeter, the sooner we realise what’s truly behind these brands and how ridiculously unnecessary they are to our happiness. 

I became quite excited when I cracked the whole guilt / reward / deprivation circle of processed treats and have really enjoyed helping people do the same through my blog. My motto for anyone who might be about to have a whole bunch of ‘holy crap, I’ve been eating WHAT?’ 

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This piece I wrote got quite a bit of discussion happening online with my community. A little fire in the belly awoke and it then became inspiration for my first book called REAL TREATS. The results on Amazon proved that the world is wanting to feel better – how else would I have been able to beat Martha Stewart’s new desert book on Amazon for a week, with a bunch of ‘everything free’ breakky and dessert ideas? We all want change and we want to feel awesome, but we don’t want to suffer any more à-la 90s fad diet, and all the secret eating and guilt that comes with a harsh diet. We want the journey to be fun. I want it to be fun. Don’t you? 

It changes everything to think that way and stop thinking you’re in a deprivation state, I promise. For the next 30 days, instead of thinking “bastards won’t let me have my M&Ms and Maltesers’ start thinking instead of adding a couple of new, appealing savoury recipes to your reportoire. Get creative with veg. Inspire yourself online from your favourite authors, bloggers and chefs and make it a time of DISCOVERY, not a time of deprivation.  For treats recipe inspo check out my book.  – an easy $10 download packed with allergy friendly, nourishing goodness when the sweet tooth hits. Anything with dried fruit or heavy in cacao will have to wait until after the challenge, but the breakky section has some yummy options.

For inspiration on what to ADD IN this month, hit the different recipe tabs on the blog. There are some awesome soups, ethical meat dishes, veggie ideas and snacks.

To join a bit of daily inspiration and chat about all things conscious living you could come join us on facebook.  or I shall be popping a few ideas on jazzing up simple meals on instagram @Alexx_Stuart.


Cracking Cruciferous Soup  – pictured here and a super easy dinner to make a big batch of and freeze up portions for lazy days. Or my most popular meat dish are the Sticky sweet tamari mealtballs – perfect for a big strength day!

If you want to start dealving into the truth behind certain foods and food industry cover ups, how about we start with low fat snacks – the worst offenders of them all!  I highly recommend you download the full version, awesome Chemical Maze app for when you’re out shopping. It’ll open your eyes to some of the weirdo stuff in packaged foods.

Here’s to Real Food and happy bodies with all the delicious inspiration that offers us,

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