Crunchy Cocoa Nutter Butter

Crunchy Cocoa Nutter Butter

Who didn’t love Nutella as a kid? I ate spoonfuls of the stuff  and usually had a little toast with Nutella, and not the other way around! Sad thing is this “hazelnut spread’ is actually a sugar spread, with a little touch of hazelnut. There are also milk solids which is code for bad cholesterol and soy lecithin, which these days is more often than not, from genetically modified soy. The whopping 55% sugar in nutella totally overshadows the 13% hazelnuts, so in every table spoon of nutella, lies about 2.5 teaspoons of sugar (when sugar is dissolved it takes less space). Not that I’ve had nutella for years, bu as my little guy is of the age where sweet treats are more than welcome, it’s inspired me to recreate healthier versions of my childhood treats. If you need a bit of motivation to ban Nutella from your house hold, this ‘Nutelisa’ shared by a doc in Canada should do it! Hilarious…

Crunchy Cocoa Nutter Butter is therefore the answer. It’s delicious and moreish. Packed with fantastic nut proteins, healthy fats, brain food and Raw Cocoa powder, this puppy just has a couple of deliciously sweet dates in the mix to give it sweetness. Spread this on some sourdough or gluten free bread, or dip organic strawberries into it, and you are packing a power house of nutrients for your snack or breakky where once you were fooled!

You’ll need the following to make a small half jam jar batch. The reason I don’t make more, is that I can’t resist gobbling it all up, and although it’s healthful, it ain’t light on the calories! By all means double the quantities if you have lots of people in your house – you’ll need it!

Crunchy Cocoa Nutter Butter Recipe



  • Place all ingredients except the dessicated coconut into a mini stick food processor. You could do it in a large one, but it’s a rather large mess and bother for a small batch like this. If you don’t have one, you could go old school and mortar and pestle the dates, without their pips, and then mix all in a bowl together by hand.
  • Once really well pureed, stir in the dessicated coconut – stirring it in last and not mixing it, is what will give you the crunchy texture.
  • So super easy!

You can scoop into a jar now and keep in the cupboard or fridge for up to a month – if you are a crazy strange person that can just leave it there without eating it all up! It will harden though in the fridge, so take it out a few minutes before needing it, allowing it to soften a little.

Spread on your crackers, favourite breads, blob onto your ice cream or dip some fresh fruits. So delicious!

I hope you enjoy my Nutella busting nutter butter! (Try saying that after a touch too much wine!). Ferrero has apparently started a Nutella Support Group, protecting Nutella from ‘victimisation’. How about they stop victimising kids with false advertising of a ‘wholesome nut butter’ breakfast option!? No wonder kids can’t concentrate and are hungry by 9am!

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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  1. Well thank goodness Nutella has never made it into the shopping trolley or into our pantry so I don’t have to go to the trouble of banning it! I’m already known as the sugar nazi around here!

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