Crunchy coconut and nut sprinkle OR crumble topping

Crunchy coconut and nut sprinkle is something that you can have on yoghurt with berries in the morning for breakfast as a granola, as well as being a decadent little something to sprinkle on desserts such as chocolate mousse, ice cream or custards for dessert. I love to use it as a dairy and grain free crumble topping too, just by layering a thick layer over warm stewed fruits just before serving – HELLO AUTUMN! It takes 20 minutes go to woe and then you have a ‘stash’ at the ready for whenever you need. I’m obsessed with crunchy textures and balancing soft silky things, with a little bit of crunch and this is just perfect! If you’re nut free, just make it with pepitas and sunflower seeds instead.

It won’t be crispy until it cools so don’t think ‘it’s not done yet’ when it’s hot. As soon as it’s golden deep brown, it’s definitely done and will crunch as it cools.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do. A great little stand by to transform things into a special treat! Also a great little snack for kids to take to the movies, to avoid those weirdness packets!

Crunchy Coconut and Nut sprinkle or Crumble Topping Recipe

Cook Time20 minutes
Total Time20 minutes


  • Put all your nuts into the blender, food processor or thermomix. Pulse a couple of times until nuts are chopped down to about 1/4 chunks. Won’t be more than 6 seconds all up. For thermomix (2 x 3 second bursts on speed 6 should do it)
  • Then, in a bowl, mix through the coconut oil, salt and syrup (TIP: If you have time to heat it up to melt it all down before mixing with the nuts / coconut, it will be way easier to mix through)
  • Once mixed through, spread onto 2 baking dishes, well spread.
  • Bake on 180C for 20 minutes, 1 tray at a time for best results. OR you could halve the recipe in the beginning, to just do one tray
  • Take out and cool completely and then store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks (good luck with that!)
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  1. I make a variety of gluten free granolas (usually using up what I have) and have discovered that the best turned out by accident. One morning I had decided to make a batch, heated the oven, mixed the ingredients and then realised I’d run out of time. I turned off the oven and left the trays in the warm oven until I got home much later that day. It was the most perfect batch EVER! Now I put the mix in at night after I have used the oven and it’s perfect by breaky.

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      Yay Elaine – I think it was pretty much the first recipe on the blog back in the day. Super versatile hey? Glad you love it x

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