Crunchy Nut Butter

A lot of people talk about the price of organics and that’s fair enough. If you go from buying non organic ‘products’ to buying organic equivalent ‘products’ then yes, it’s expensive.

BUT, switch from non organic products to PRODUCE and you really end up saving!

  1. There is no g.s.t in my groceries anymore. That’s 10% right there.
  2. I can scoop things like nuts, dried fruit and quinoa straight into my containers or saved paper bags from last time – saving the world from landfill
  3. I can activate my nuts when making nut butter, and save myself from anti nutrients such as phytic acid.

So, to make your own nut butter is so easy. Step one. Soak your nuts for around 12 hours (except cashews, pine nuts or seeds, they only need 3-4 hours)

Then, dry then out in a super low oven (I do 100C / 200F and stick a fork in the side of the oven so it’s even less than that. That can take a few hours and you certainly don’t need to stick around to watch them.

Once they’re dry, you can store in jars or use straight away. If I have any I know I won’t use in a while, I like keeping them in the freezer as nuts are prone to moulds over time.

So now you’re ready to make heaps of things. Have a look at my almonds post here for snack ideas. You can make nut meals, bars like the chewy crunchy apricot ones in my book or a super easy nut butter. Check out how easy this is!

Photo Credit: Keeper of the Home’s site. I couldn’t find the pic I took of mine a couple of months ago when I originally shot them, nice and pretty, so I google imaged and this is the consistency mine looks, so voila!

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

Crunchy Nut Butter Recipe



  • Food processor and thermomix instructions are the same: Place all ingredients into your processor of choice. Then break down for 2-3 minutes or thereabouts (speed 7 TM for 45 seconds, down to speed 5 for the remainder) with a ‘stop and scrape sides’ manoeuvre about half way through.
  • You now have nut butter.
  • Home made, full of available nutrients from the soaking step & saving on g.s.t and packaging which is good for you and good for the planet!
  • Pop in a couple of little jars and enjoy!

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  1. Just bought your book Alexx. It is genius! Thank you for writing it. Now to spread the word and change the world one real treat at a time! Well done. x

    1. Post

      Thank you so much Nikki. That’s certainly what I intend on doing 🙂 If you have time to pop that quick line on amazon as a review I’d be so grateful. It apparently helps the book stay high in search to have reviews! New to all of this! Thanks again for the lovely words x

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