Damn it… I feel amazing!


A girl walks into a holistic dr’s office and says “Doc, I never really got back to my old self after having a baby nearly 3 years ago. He sleeps fantastically and is really good natured, my hubby helps with house stuff and gives me time to myself on the weekends, I eat and organic, whole foods diet, i get 7+ hours sleep most nights: HELP!’

This is what I did a month ago. I was desperate. I had had a thyroid problem, and it was fixed. I had women’s probs, they were fixed. I was drinking ridiculous amounts of fresh veggie juices, soaking my almonds, soaking legumes, found a steady raw milk supply, not eating wheat except for the odd canapé… how much more hippy could I go!? While I never ever get sick, my energy levels still stank and my brain fog was crazy. Turns out there was more I could do and damn it, I feel amazing! As many as 1 in 4 women can have too much yeast  in their bodies, and if there’s sugar, antibiotics, caffeine and pasteurised dairy in your system as well, then you’re giving the yeast plenty of food. The word yeast is gross, isn’t it? Anyway, I decided to commit to the rejuvenation process as prescribed to see if that could be me!?

The rejuvenation involved seeing him twice a week for 3 weeks. Vitamin C intravenously and Vitamin B shots each visit, and a system rejuvenation involving veggie juice and broth for 3 days, then a couple of starchy veg and coconut, then fish, then chicken then brown rice all being re-introduced slowly, with the final add ins red meat, seeds, nuts, fruit and corn. Essential has been the lack of gluten, yeast, sugar, alcohol and caffeine and dairy in these initial stages, whereas now a little raw dairy is ok. Supplements taken have been a fab Vitamin B12 spray for the 2pm slump, Silica, Q10, Vitamin C, a probiotic on supercharged dose and those I take normally being chrome, fermented cod liver oil and liver for natural vitamin A.

The only really extreme part of the journey were the first three days which were packed with headaches from the detox but after that my energy started to come back. It was like magic. I felt myself bounce up to play with the little guy last week and shocked myself – me, bounce?!

I’ve dropped a size in clothes and have a waist again – that’s nice! My shoe size has gone back down to 40 after having been 40.5 for 3 years. I feel like exercising and get antsy if my day’s been inactive. I like to sit down and work without hopping over to facebook 10 times during an email construction, and I feel more present and in the moment. I’m happier in mood and instead of feeling defeated by the day or a draining activity, I feel like I’ve shifted into ‘conquer mode’.

So why, you’re asking, does that suck? Well, sometimes on the journey to health, you can feel like it’s annoying that healthy practice leads to wellness. You can look at carefree people eating bread in a restaurant, laughing and talking, and think: Why can’t I do that? You have to re-frame if you’re going to get through this and commit to feeling great in your shoes. We have to start realising, when we’ve found the food mix that truly makes us well, that that’s a blessing, not a deprivation – a welcome state of awesomeness, rather than a life of missing out. That mental switch might take a while, but when it turns on, you find peace, happiness and a smaller pair of jeans – Amen to all those things!

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  1. Alexx – what a journey. I whole heartedly believe that once you get back on track it will be plain sailing. Everything in moderation including moderation and you will be unstoppable. Keep up the
    f a b u l o u s nurturing of self. Take care mon amie – you are one in a million. Cindy x

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      tx Cindy. feeling fab. the lesson for me is that everyone of us knows deep inside when you’re not feeling right. Don’t let others tell you it’s sleep or work or whatever if you know it’s just not right. Trust yourself, persevere and investigate until you get there xxx

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      Thx for supporting the ol’ detox journey Leah! It’s been just fabulous to have energy back. Hope you’re feeling super well too! Alexx x

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