Duck breast with miso coriander sauce

Duck breast is a real treat for us which we have every now and then. It’s a treat because to get the ethical ones, it costs a mozza, but as with all things, it’s best to enjoy great, ethical quality half the time, rather than eat cruelty raised, GMO grain fed duck which is so often what you find after a bit of digging. GRUB looks after us with their full transparency and GM free fed ducks and so, this week it was duck breast for Saturday night dinner with stacks of veggies.

I’ve been wanting to do a miso sauce / reduction for ages and thought – Why not tonight!? It’s so simple and could be used with any fish, poultry, mushrooms or eggplant with success, or even as a warm salad dressing which I did tonight too, as I had more than was needed for the 2 duck breasts.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did,

Duck Breast with Miso Coriander Sauce Recipe

Servings: 6 pcs




What to do with the DUCK BREASTS

  • Pat duck skin side super dry with kitchen paper or really absorbant tea towel. Salt both meat and skin sides with a good sprinkle.
  • Set stainless pan to med/high and melt tbsp of fat
  • Lay duck breasts down skin side down and fry for 15-20 minutes until deep golden brown – Do not let it burn or blacken. If it’s looking like it’s going that way, just turn it down a little.
  • Turn over and fry for 2 minutes on the meat side down to finish.
  • You’re done. Turn out skin side up to rest for 10 minutes

Main Instructions

  • Blitz in a blender or with a stick, or with a thermomix on speed 7, 10 seconds
  • Take heat off. Add miso at the end and blitz again (you don’t add miso to cook, because it kills all the good fermented cultures)
  • Reduce for 10 mins on med heat in a wide pan (TM won’t reduce it enough being long and tall)
  • You could use this as a warm salad dressing, or to top fish, chicken, roasted eggplant or mushrooms. Sky’s the limit with this miso reduction!
  • Serve your duck with a salad, steamed greens, and / or mashed sweet potato as wasn’t pictured in here. So yummy! 2 breasts between 4 is perfect. It’s the veggies that should be the plate filling stars.

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