Dukkah Crusted Schnitzel

Schnitzel is the king of comfort foods for me. There are some pretty creepy pre made schnitzels out there, even at butcher’s (unless it’s mine at GRUB). and because we’re gluten free, we make our own. Dukkah instead of rice crumbs / bread crumbs makes this flavour packed. I hope you love it and as always, why not double this and freeze the other half, uncooked for a manic week day where you can just defrost them overnight in the fridge and quickly pan fry for a 10 minute meal with veggies.

Tip for leftovers

1.  Cut in strips and easy bites and send them off into school lunches with veggie sticks and mashed avocado.

2. Cut into strips and toss through a tomatoey sauce or a 1/2 cup pesto with 1/2 cup chicken stock sauce, and serve over “zoodles”, gluten free pasta or veggie mash.

3. Cut into small bites and toss into a broth and veggie soup the next night for a comforting, easy dinner.

Real Food. Happy Bodies

And if you make it, be sure to tag your efforts on instagram @lowtoxlife so I can see!

Dukkah Crusted Schnitzel Recipe

Servings: 6 adults



  • If you’ve bought fillets that need flattening, then do that first. For example, slice your chicken breast or lamb back strap in half across ways, and beat to flatten into 0.5-0.7cm fillets. If you’ve got thin ‘schnitzel’ fillets ready to go, then you’re onto the next step.
  • Then, prepare your 3 bowls – one with your chosen flour, the next with eggs, beaten with a fork and the last with dukkah. I always leave a bit of fresh flour and dukkah back, to freshen up the dipping bowls 3/4 of the way through.
  • Dip first into your flour, being sure to cover every part of the meat.
  • Dip next into your egg, and again, cover well.
  • Dip lastly into your dukkah and then set aside on a plate until all are done.
  • Preheat your large pan to medium and melt 2 tablespoons coconut oil or ghee.
  • Preheat also your oven to 150C/ 300F to ensure you can keep the first lot of schnitzels warm until you finish frying them all.
  • Fry your schnitzels on either side for 2-3 minutes tops, to avoid leathery, chewy texture of the meat.
  • Then, add to the ‘keep warm’ oven stash until all the fillets have been fried. Add your last 2 tablespoons coconut oil or ghee to the pan for the subsequent batches.
  • You're done. Serve with a cooling light salad like this one to counter balance the richness of these yummy slices of heaven.

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