Each to their zone!

Comfort zone to be specific. I’ve jumped off the end of mine several times and it is absolutely true that life gets better when you do. A couple of times I’ve also jumped off the end, thinking I needed to overcome my ‘discomfort’ with complex admin tasks and certain tech stuff, and I’ve ended up in hours of frustration over things I could have easily outsourced and saved myself the pain.

It comes down to the fact that our comfort zones differ from one person to the next – from social to personal achievements and goals – Only we can know lying awake at night, looking up at the ceiling, which things we are letting fear get in the way of, that are preventing us from doing exciting new things and reaching our goals. No need to swim the English channel if that’s not your calling or deep down desire but if you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, afraid to get in the water? Then jump in already and do it! Jumping out of a plane or doing a marathon or learning to code doesn’t scare me or make me excitedly nervous – it just plain doesn’t even interest me! Contacting big superstars to join their crusade and have world changing conversations about the global obesity epidemic – now THAT gets me excited, a little nervous and giddy inside. Each to their zone!

So the next time you feel guilty because someone else is conquering web coding, a triathlon or speaking in front of 500 people and you wonder if you’re a failure or boring for not doing the same, ask yourself which statement is true for you of these two when reflecting on the ‘challenge’ at hand:

I don’t think I can do it, but boy it’d be nice if I did and I get goosebumps at the thought of what it must be to achieve that – but I’m scared!


I don’t think I can do it, I don’t want to do it and it frustrates me at the thought of investing time in it, because it’s just not in line with anything I want to set out to achieve.

Our comfort zones are as different from each other as we are. I love that. There’s space to support and push each other in all of our different challenges and undertakings and the knowledge that we will be supported in ours. I love that I have several marathon running friends and I will be there with a coconut water for them at the finish line, rather than feeling like less of a person for not being distance running inclined.

I have some super exciting challenges on my list for this year! If you don’t have a list, why not make one? Be spontaneous with it and get some goose bump worthy challenges happening.

Here’s to us all getting a little nervous, excited and determined about things and then making it all happen – solo, together, whatever…

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      Thanks Lisa! I really enjoyed having a think about this subject to articulate the real issues surrounding people and their comfort zones. Fascinating topic and definitely not black and white x

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