Flow Seasonal Workshops

Hi fellow Flowsters,

The first of the seasonal cooking workshops kicks off next Wednesday night, 8th October, 7pm. These are all about helping you make delicious, super inspiring choices throughout the year and spread the Flow Food philosophy past 30 days clean. While it’s a way less strict philosophy than the 30 Days Clean detox mode, it’s really about taking that appreciation for how we feel when we’re not eating junky stuff into the every day, and redefining treats.

Here’s an outline of what the seasonal workshops will cover.

  • 10 ways to transform your salad into a nutrient dense flavour bomb
  • Top 10 pantry staples for a nourishing pantry
  • 2 treats that take 1 minute to make and are super delicious, healthy and even able to be classified as beneficial to workout recovery
  • Weird produce that’s in season and how to use it
  • Meat and ethics for meat eaters as well as agriculture ethics for vegetarians / vegans (ie tips for avoiding genetically modified corn / soy)
  • Ways to reduce plastics while shopping for ‘healthy stuff’
  • A full Easter suburbs guide to grabbing the best value and best quality produce, and places to dine out that are ethical, sustainably sourced venues that make super delicious stuff – with really good cocktail and wine lists!
  • Tips for minimising autoimmune symptoms will be in there as well, as a POCS / thryoid chick who’s day by day, reversing symptoms and done all the research on how.

Like I said, it’s not detox focused, it’s sustainable, “Real Food” nutrient packed focus, with creative ideas for making the every day meal, delicious.

This is totally suitable for vegetarian/ vegan peeps as well as omnivores. I’m a big believer that the real enemy is industrial, large scale food ‘production’ and that any real food lovers whatever food mix they believe in, can get along together!

Book online http://www.flowathletic.com.au/events/

Hope to see you there – Book quick so we know numbers for catering all the tastes.


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