Fragrant herbed brown rice (or cauli rice)

When I first visited Gwinganna health retreat, it was just for lunch and a little tour last year. I’m a very lucky girl to be headed there next month properly this time, to take a retreat (thank you dear husband and family for such an incredible gift for my 40th!)

Lunch was delicious and I just fell in love with the place. So real. So down to earth feeling. No pretence anywhere at all to be seen in fact. There was one item we had which was a herb packed rice concoction. I adored it and I have recreated something that is very similar for you guys to be able to try it soon. This is a brilliant way to inject loads of nutrients into your rice. My little guy loved it too, so the fact that it passed the kiddy test, knowing I had added so much extra goodness to it, well, why would you have it plain?

This can be done as a cold rice salad vibe, or warm with a meal. Serve it with fish, chicken, a veggie curry, in through a leafy salad with Tempeh or haloumi… Whatever you fancy.

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For the chicken tray bake, check out the recipe here – You are going to want this in your planner on those busier weeks, trust me.

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Fragrant Herbed Brown Rice (or Cauli Rice) Recipe



  • Pop all your herbs in a blender (If you have a Thermomix / MyCook type of appliance, it’s speed 8, 15 seconds with a scrape down at the 7-8 second mark). It will yield 1 cup of blended herbs, chock full of flavour and nutritional goodness.
  • Pop 3 cups of your cooked brown rice (either from fridge for salad or freshly strained / steamed) into a bowl and add your fresh herbs, olive oil and salt.
  • Combine well and serve.
  • You’re done. That’s it. All that’s left to do is enjoy it! I loved adding a few spoons of the pan juices from the chook to it to serve. So good!


1 cup raw brown rice will give you three cups cooked. You can use short or long grain depending on your preference.

Herbvy brown rice

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