Fudge – The new world order of treats!

Fudge. It says joy, delectation and satisfaction. You’re not allowed it though, are you?

Well, the times of deprivation are done. I’m determined, as many are, to find us delicious substitutes in the new world order of treats.

Real Treats. Happy Bodies.

Fudge Recipe



  • Get a little shallow baking tin ready (about 20cm x 15cm) with some parchment paper
  • Blitz your nuts in a processor.
  • Add everything else except the chia seeds.
  • Blitz into a paste.
  • Stir through the chia seeds
  • Blob the whole mixture out onto baking tin and press out to an even thickness of about 1-1.5cm ‘high’.
  • Set in fridge for an hour or 2. Cut into small squares. Serve in a precious little dish reserved for delicacies & store in the fridge for a week – good luck with that!
    Sugar Free Fudge


Kitchen note: Best kept in fridge between sittings (if there’s more than one sitting!) as the coconut oil will melt if the temperature is hot.
Nut free: Up the coconut to 100g and add 50g pumpkin seeds instead. Still delicious.
Warning: If you have a large family or are having friends over, double this recipe and tin size. It won’t last long!

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  1. I made this for Christmas and it was loved by all my sugar loving in laws. I didn’t tell them of course until they had all eaten it. They didn’t believe me until I showed them the recipe. So easy to make as well. I think this will have to be a constant in my fridge

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      Kate, that’s great to hear! Thanks for your trust and taking the time to leave a little note! I never tell people what’s in stuff until they proclaim their undying love for it… then they can’t say a bad thing. hehe. Hope you had a fab Christmas , A.

  2. Yum, I love this sort of treat. Did a fabby one with orange peel and cinnamon before Xmas… but naughty kids didn’t like it. More for mum.

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  3. Love your work! Love your recipes!

    Want to make this, but wondering if I could substitute the coconut oil for something else? And leave out the desiccated coconut? I had a severe bout of gastro about a month ago, and the last thing I ate before becoming violently ill was some popcorn I made in coconut oil – now even the smell of coconut makes me feel ill! Any suggestions?

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      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks so much. I have to share a secret with you – I hate cooking with fragrant coconut oil. Makes me gag. You’re not alone! I use the 2nd press fry safe coconut oil from GPA wholefoods, as the fragrnace isn’t there in the second press, but all the goodness is still retained in terms of lauric acid etc. Because we use heaps, I get the 4L tub, but you could start with a 700ml jar. http://www.gpawholefoods.com.au/buy/frysafe-coconut-oil-4l/FRYSAFE4L is the link. Failing that, you can absolutely make this fudge with butter or ghee, no probs. If you absolutely have to ditch the desiccated coconut, just add more nuts to that weight value in the recipe. Enjoy!

      1. Thank you! I just whipped some up and popped it in the fridge.

        Thanks for letting me know about the coconut oil – the second press stuff. Will definitely get it, as so much stuff I make uses coconut oil so I just don’t end up eating it – my kids and hubby eat it. But it all looks so yummy that I really would like to eat it, like I used to before the above-mentioned gastro!

        Kind regards

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