Give away! CocoCUT for your Coconuts!

It’s been a while since I presented a Real Food Rockstar and am delighted to present Cate Mathers to you this week. Lots of us believe coconuts to be the rockstar of nutrient world, so it just makes sense to feature an innovative, coconut related business owner! Brand new on the market last year, the cocoCUT is a beautiful little contraption that means drinking the water & scooping the flesh of your coconuts is easy and safe. No machetes. No cleavers. No throwing coconuts against walls (although that particular technique did provide stress relief!). No wasted flesh with the ol’ screwdriver stab technique. No BPA plastic… A dream come true!

cocoCUT image

I will say, you have to ‘push through’ the first couple of awkward times of using it and get the motion. Little half turns. Nothing too hard or forced. Eventually you make it through, and usually it takes less than a minute.

So, now time to read a few of Cate Mathers’ answers in our little interview, and all you then have to do is tell us is your top 2 reasons for loving coconuts so much, and you could win 1 of 2 cocoCUTs that they’re giving away.

1) How did the coconut come about as an idea?

My brother and I were eating a lot of coconuts but I was too scared to open them with the cleaver. We both thought there must be a better way!

2) When did you discover a love for coconuts?

I started getting around 2008 while I was living in NY, they used to have them in the health food shop next to the Bikram Yoga studio in the lower east side.

3) What was your biggest challenge in setting up the business?

There are daily challenges creating something that’s never  been done before, but I think that’s what makes it exciting, we are always learning.

4) What are your plans for the cocoCUT?

We just signed with a distributor in the US, which is really exciting!

5) Have you ever timed the fasted cocoCUT opening time?

My record is 23 seconds, My brother can do it in about 15 seconds.

Feel free too, to check out their website here to learn more about their story or purchase one direct. For those of you in the US, they’ve just signed a US distributor. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to give us your 2 favourite reasons for loving coconut and you could win a cocoCUT valued at $29 each, shipped to your door. Winners will be announced on Monday, here on the blog.

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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  1. Stuffed full of electrolytes and other goodies. It also gives my smoothies that tropical feel. I must admit it’s a special treat for me as I don’t feel I have much skill in the opening department so this little beauty would change my world!! Thank you Cate for inventing it 🙂

  2. There are so many reasons why I love coconuts, but I’ll try to narrow down my top two!
    1. I love that coconut water has shown to be more hydrating than sports drinks (obviously!) and water! So let me get this straight, it tastes amazing AND is more hydrating to drink while playing sports? Bonus!
    2. I love that there are so many delicious dessert and savory recipes you can use coconut water/milk/cream and it’s still considered healthy. Eating food made with coconut milk/cream/water makes me feel good as I know it’s helping to detoxify and flush toxins out my body 🙂

  3. G’day,

    Well we all know the wonderful benefits of the humble coconut and tht is why we drink/eat/cook with it regularly. However, I think my 2 yo daughter would really appreciate a Cococut. She gets a little bit freaked out every time Mummy gets out the drill and hole saw to open her cocounut.

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  4. Singing the coconut song with my daughter as we are cracking open our coconuts. “She put the lime in the coconut, she drank ’em both up.”

    Also making tutti frutti ice cream from the cocount water, meat and frozen fruit. Best treat on a scorching hot day.

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  5. I lurve fresh coconuts – best way to recover from ashtanga, and so much nicer than drinking from a bottle or carton, tastes the best and you have a delicious snack scooping put the flesh as well. Admittedly getting them open with a chisel/mallet/machete is a little onerous and there have been injuries along the way! I’d so enjoy using a cococutter instead, what a mint idea!

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  6. I am loco for coco-nuts! Firstly they are my go to drink for rehydrating after a great workout! Full of electrolytes. Secondly after visiting Asia and tasting their version of coconut cream (coconut flesh dessicated and mixed with fresh coconut water) in their just adds that balance to a spicy dish! I love it versatility! And did you know coconut water was used for plasma transfusions during the Second World War? What more could we ask of a little round nut?

  7. I love coconuts because:

    1. Their name is deceptive… you’d think they would supply you with some sort of chocolate flavoured milk.
    2. Once you eat them you can then give them to the children as floatation devices to play with in the water

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      And then they turn out better than chocolate milk altogether! Congrats on winning your cocoCUT – details on what to do are at the bottom of the thread, Alexx x

  8. I love coconuts because they taste so good ( as well as being good for you/hydrating etc.) and the oil gets rid of my eczema pronto- SO much better than using cortisone. I just got back from Thailand and had a coconut shake (water and meat blended) every day. Amazing! I even got my 5 year old hooked!

  9. Top 2 reasons:
    1. It’s delicious! Tastes like a treat for fussy toddlers and so refreshing to drink on a hot day…
    2. Can’t go wrong with a ‘good fat’!
    And PS comforting to know there’s a blood transfusion waiting in the fridge should it somehow be needed!! 😉

  10. I’m crazy for coconut because I’ve been feeling so much healthier since introducing them to my daily water intake. I have to stay extremely hydrated because of a kidney disease & coconut water really helps. It can be used for so many things & makes my smoothies taste delicious.

  11. So many uses -apart from all those mentioned above, we just went camping for a week and a friend had frozen a dozen coconuts and used them as ice bricks in the esky, while gradually eating /drinking them each day as they thawed!
    And the kids love them too!

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      Mary, I absolutely love this idea! What’s your surname? I’d love to tuck this idea away and use for a camping piece later in the year, quoting you 🙂

  12. they are helping me break my sugar addiction by giving me lots of good fat
    I love using coconut milk to soak my oats overnight – the kids love it too and no sugar needed
    so excited about the CocoCUT

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  13. This is SO perfect for me…I recently had 6 stitches put in my hand from trying to remove the flesh from a coconut with a paring knife! I love fresh coconut and can only eat it fresh due to an allergy to sulfites (which they use in processed coconut to keep it white). I also love that it is one of the few nutrient rich foods that my two boys willingly enjoy!

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    Gosh it was hard to pick!! Nikki Goetz & Jessica O’Smiley – Congrats on winning your cocoCUTs. Contact the cocoCUT team’s Cate at [email protected] with your full name. postal address and reference link to this page to receive them.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your reasons and ideas! Love the power drill usages – might try that just for fun! Also love Claire’s soaking of oats in coconut milk over night for creamy kiddy porridge. Brilliant! Alexx x

    1. Whooohooo congratulations guys. Send me your addresses and I’ll get your prizes out in the mail ASAP. I’ll also email you some tips and tricks on how to master the technique. It takes a little practice and before you know it you’ll be a pro like Alexx. Talk soon. BTW Nikki I hope your stitches heal quickly. I was always too scared to try the knife that’s why we invented CocoCut. I hope you love it as much as I do!
      Catie CocoCut

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