Good to Great

I love teaching and motivating. Always have. This month I have the great fortune of motivating over 100 young people to feel like the work they do in their roles, matters. I’ve labelled the session for this course, Good to Great, inspired by Jim Collins’ business book by the same name. As I really thought about what good and great are when designing the course, it got me to drawing up examples to share with my groups and illustrate the vast difference between the two.

Good dumplings get eaten. Great dumplings get queued for.

Good haircuts get a thank you. Great haircuts get shared on facebook with a tag to the hairdresser’s page.

Good cars get you from A to B. Great cars make the ride what matters.

Good service gets a thank you. Great service creates ambassadors.

Good phones make you think functionality. Great phones create a lifestyle.

Good meals are a conversation backdrop. Great meals ARE part of the conversation.

Good drinks are drunk. Great drinks get bought by the round.

Good waiters serve meals well. Great waiters create experiences.

Good stories are listened to. Great stories get retold.

The main thing that gets in the way of great, is good.

Have an excellent weekend,

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