I have had an extremely busy past 3 weeks. Hectic in fact. Unrelenting pace.  I could be upset that I’ve not had as much time as usual for recipe creation, reading, or exercise as much as I’d like. It’s all too easy to feel victim, because we’re often told we are, in modern day marketing. Poor us. So busy and all those things to do. We need help. Apparently.

The other day, I realised as I romanticised about the beauty of the way the sun was hitting the trees, that I’d not stopped to be grateful for simple beauties and things in my life for a good couple of weeks.

That made me a little sad, but was quickly turned around by stopping dead in my tracks and getting grateful then and there. That night, hugs were more meaningful, temper was more relaxed. Bath time for the little one was so cute – not a chore to ‘get over with’.

There’s just so much to be grateful for. A lil’ 5 minute pause for gratitude could be just the thing to melt a little of that modern day hustle bustle and recalibrate our gratefulness for the good things all around.

Have a beautiful weekend. xx

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  1. I’m getting up at the same time everyday to ‘meditate’ (well my own distracted thinky version) on gratitude. Not sure if it’s working, but I guess I should be grateful that I have the time each morning!

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      Ha. Love it. finding something to be grateful about the practice of gratitude that you’re not entirely sure is working. If that’s not trying super hard to see the good stuff, I don’t know what is x

  2. Hello there, I wrote about doing lovely things but doing too many of them and being too busy, not with work but with fun. I have just seen a TED talk on my podcast list which must listen to, it’s about stopping and doing nothing for just 10 minutes a day. Must and shall. Start with five!

    But seriously, this week I will be aiming for more slow and less speed. Pay the bills, feed the starving bairns, drive here and there, do shopping, sort photos and write… but more slowly.

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